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Alright welcome to the Vent Haven feel free to post vent art or just post about some issues you need help with. Feel free to invite others and your friends.


-Harrasment will not be tolerated if you are experiencing harassment from another member tag a mod

-Credit artists when you are posting art that is not yours it is very appreciative

-Spam and unrelated posts will be given a warning to be removed and if not the poster will be temporarily kicked

- Feel free to post relaxing music or art to help others relax, etc

-If I or any of the mods feel like this is getting out of hand then we will make this a ask to join community

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hello my name is kayley and im depressed and i don't really know how to tell one of my irl friends

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I tend to forget a lot of my assistanments for class so I had some unfinished work so I got all the work that needed to be done and it took me about a week to finish and I came after school today to turn it in to find out I did all of that for nothing because I turned it in after the test
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Ugh. I hate the genders thing... I mean really? All animals are 2 things... Male or Female. Gender=Sex... Don't fucking lie and tell me that it doesn't. If you even think about it, please go back to school. Cause ding ding, retard alert. I'm sorry, but you don't make the genders, science does. And if they say there is only 2... There is only 2. Which is dependent on which of do you have more of, female or male hormones? You don't need a brain to realize it, actually YOU would have to have no brain. Because the bullshit you speak... Its all in your head.
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If anyone needs a friend, I'll be right here for you <3

I may talk about problems in my life, but it makes me feel better to make other people feel better. So if you ever need anyone, I'm here for you.

On an unrelated topic, art by me so nu stealz mk bye//

Do you ever just feel dead inside?
Feel pointless?
Feel useless?
Feel like nothing you do is good enough?
Just how it works right?
Does the world ever crush you into a pulp, and you feel like your very soul is tearing from you?
The meaning of Life is about living right?
Finding happiness?
Finding your place?
But what if that's impossible?
What's the meaning then?
Lose all hope.
Fall to the metaphoric ground hidden inside your deep self consciousness? Hope is just a feeling mankind invented to shield themselves.
Do you ever just suffer?
Do you ever just hate yourself?
But all of this is really nothing. Its all you broken mind.
You can't cry.
Do you feel People only worry for your sanity?
Or deep down you have trust issues but you force them down because it seems weak?
Once I used to scream.
And throw a fit.
Then I realized. Why cry?
It makes people pity you.
I hate pity.
Its all a game.
Get out of bed.
Throw on a smile.
Its OK?
I've made mistakes.
Everyone has.
The world likes to watch others suffer.
The world makes you drown.
The world is a hideous place.
One that causes nothing but pain.
So much fucking pain.
One may call me crazy.
One may say I need help.
One may say "oh, its just a preteen thing."
One may say "oh...OK"
Some may bring you into the light.
They know who they are.
But the dying comes back.
Drown slowly.
Seize control. Pull your self up with help.
a wave pushes you back under.
But you don't struggle.
You sink deeper, feeling the embrace of water filling your lungs.
Can't breathe.

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FUCK PYROS! Ok. Better.

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A relaxing painting of a blossom tree

Artist: Art of Drawing on Tumblr

I hope i aint too young to be on this community. Cause idk if i can ask this but. R we allow to ask if anyone wanna chat on hangouts. No offence just wondering.

Oh wait is this what you're supposed to use for venting?
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