I don't know why I'm here but I have a message to everyone...
Depression is not something to make fun of.

Definition :
feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

Depression is usually felt for alot of things. It can be you being poor,harassed, someone is ding, ETC.
depression is not used for roleplay. I mean, if you guys want to I guess but I'm telling this to you because it makes depression look like it's a joke.....At least 1000+ people commit suicide for these things!

If this community is a joke I'd be pretty pissed off

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TheHuskyRemix: (looks around and my face is like "what in the world") 😦

TheHuskyDubstep: (floats around and then starting to wonder) where are we? 😕

+Killy The Fox
Amel sits silently in his black and white room, just sitting and swallowing big amounts of sadness pills

Amel: sigh I guess no one cares about me swallows pills I guess sadness is my only emotion....

Ok people, if you don't take those pills, you are locked in this slammer house

This is where people who are happy go to prison....

The only emotions aloud in this town are...






And dispersion...

Welcome to the sad store, we have a special sail on depression, a pill that keeps you sad for 24 hours
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