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Have installed Chromecast but am having trouble casting it to tv.
Have a Samsung S7 and tried using Mobile Hotspot without luck due to my mistake in selecting the correct network.
I then used my home wIfI and got though to selecting it on my tv and then got called away from continuing.
Somehow or other I now have the name I gave to the location on bottom left of screen with home WiFi address showing and beautiful pictures scrolling through.
Question 1.
How do I get out of this screen on TV
Queswtion 2
How do I get back to selecting a different network (mobile)

Huawei P20 Pro/YouTube/1st Gen Chromecast problem:

All of a sudden I'm getting stuttering audio and picture freezing casting YouTube onto my TV using a 1st Gen Chromecast. I can cast directly to my TV without going through the Chromecast without these issues but it's a pain in the butt to set up and the video quality isn't as good.
Anyone else have this problem? Worked fine for the last 3 months and has just started playing up. I've reset the Chromecast and still no joy. Not sure if the problem is with the P20 Pro, the YouTube app or the Chromecast!

Any way to get the Chromecast to work without Internet? My internet will be down for a day or so before they can send somebody over. Wifi is working and theoretically I could stream over my phone's data connection, but I can't seem to connect to the Chromecast as it says there is no Internet connection.

Just bought a ChromeCast, but can't make it work. It won't configure. I can see it on my smartphone, where it is with no security, it's "OPEN". It says, there's no connection to the Internet. How can it be connected to the Internet? There's a LAN from the router to the TV, where ChromeCast also is plugged in.
I want to make it secure. How can I do that?

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Is it just me or Google has completely stopped displaying featured content from 500px on the ambient slideshow?


Since I got an LGV35ThinQ any chrome cast from YouTube casts no problem, but always shows as my phone as trying to connect. In the Google home app it shows proper progress, but in YouTube only the spinning circle. No progress. I can double tap to ffwd or rwd 10seconds. When I clear app data it works as it should but misbehaves shortly afterwards. Clearing app data daily is tiresome. Any ideas?


Recently im having a problem with chromecast 2.
I cant cast any movie from my huawei mate 9 device.
Im just receiving error 2103 and error 2100.

When i try to cast the movie on my tv using a third party app, like all cast or web video caster, it just stuck on a dark screen.
The video extension is mp4.

This is a new issue

Today my Chromecasts (two) up and quit working with my Moto 4. All five of them. They work fine with 3 different Chromebooks. I broke down and reset everything, logged into the router and adusted/turned off a bunch of settings and still nothing. This was a slowly building situation, the phones intermittent ly stopped working with the devices over a period of months.
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