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Mam podwójne śledzenie tego samego ID co mam zrobić. 

Hi I just joined google analytics and connected it to my website. I am not receiving any data or activity. Can you help

Hi there,

Would there be any reason why my Google tag manager tag isn't firing via tag assistant?

The code is present on the source page and I've published it within the GTM interface.


I joined the community to learn about tags and how it can be helpful in optimising my blog

Hello, we have connected our website to google analytics but for some reason it is not working and I cannot see any activity even with the tracking code. Is there any way of rectifying this?

I am still having the same issue. When I try to use Tag Assistant I cannot click on anything. I have re-installed the extension numerous times and I have also clear my cookies numerous times. When I go use the extension it opens but then I am not able to click on anything. I cannot click help, done, or more options. Can someone help out? We are trying to get Dynamic Re-Marketing going and I need to be able to verify that tags are working properly. Thanks.

Hi guys. I installed the GA tag assistant extension for chrome as a way to check my GA was working correctly ( my GA plugin was giving me grief) I have not actually installed tag manager on my site but have noticed some pages do not "fire" and it is tracking a GA tracking number that is not mine. It also tells me I do not have the authorisation to view the full details of that tracking number even though it shows me as being logged in.
Does anyone know why this might be?

Is it common for Tag Assistant to show both the GA and GTM scripts even through the GA script is embedded through GTM and the tag shows that is the case? Trying to figure out if the GA script is actually showing as firing twice, once inside and once outside of GTM, or if that is just the way Tag Assistant shows both as being on the page. It's a little confusing. 

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I have one question.
The tracking code that is commented out is also detected, is this a normal result?
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