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Welcome to the Akatsuki. Each person is entitled to a rp character
No bullying and no profanity unless its in rp


29 Weeks Later

Well ... this was a cool community, but then everyone just stopped posting so bye.

for all the people in this community i and gonna be deleting this one and and join my  other one call the aiotsuki organization

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Should we hunt Naruto Next?

[Tried my best to make him, but I got this]
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Name: Dayton Uchiha
Age: 17
Clan: Uchiha
Village: -Hidden Leaf-
Bio: My Father was a Uchiha, and my mother was Yugito.  Some of Matatabi's Energy was transferred to me, allowing me to transform.  My will is to bring peace to this world, even if it means sacrificing myself.  Most of my family was killed off, but I look for those who remain.    

Normal Form
Sharingan Form
Final Form
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We have a problem and i need everyone's help. Ninja from the hidden leaf village has taken my daughter and im going to war and i need your help

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~ Trainning ~

Practices on my speed so I can out match the shadow possession Jutsu that Shikamaru will do. Practices my crystal Jutsu so Shino's insects, Kiba's dog named Akamaru and the hyuga clan won't read our moves, take our chakra away nor see much. Hm.. see and little bunny and uses Genjutsu on it causing it to dies

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Is in my room thinking about, what I should do if we have to fight my brother Sasuke

Who wants to do a mission with me

Sends millions of snakes too burrow under the hidden leaf village give me the signal and I'll detonate them...
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