I am a child of a black woman's child
I am the true resemblance of her struggles
I was introduced to this world by a true black woman who suffered for being what she is in this world.
Her part in this world is bigger than all
Her part in this world is higher than the presidential posts
She is a mother of a "black woman's child"

Her true knowledge of this world can only be statistically assumed and falsely anticipated
Her cries and mourning are all I've heard during my childhood
Her words of wisdom defines almost everything I am

Truly I'm a child of a black woman's child
My genes says it all
My pride sings it all and
My eyes shouts it all, it's not just simply who I am...
I am raised to shine
I am groomed to be bigger in every way i can be
I am black to be the reflector and the absorber of situations that suits me

My pride and joy comes deep within the colour of my mother's colour of happiness
My pride goes hand in hand with my black ego
I am black to conquer and be  prosperous

You can see the colour of my skin without understanding the meaning
You can judge me
without knowing who I am
You can hate, dislike, or whatever you'd do but just know it's more than the colour and the phenotype
I am a child of a black woman's child 

My mother is the only one who I owe it all to
In her world, happiness was a word
Happiness was a myth
Happiness was only allowed for the fair skin by law
By my birth, she managed her own happiness illegally
Through tough situations she kept me, natured me and nursed me daily
So I am raised to be proud
I am raised to uplift her every burden
Her struggles I've inherited
Her pain is now my pain
Her sorrows are now my sorrows
Her journey I'll walk till my foot denies me the right to
Her words and knowledge I'll keep
Her love I've been given
Her stregnth is beyond measure

All in all
I only wish for her pure heart
I only wish for her stregnth
The stregnth to forgive even those who do not deserve to be forgiven
I only wish for her love that I've witnessed, so I can also be able to pass it on to my own children
I want my children to say...
I want my children to say it with pride that " I am a child of a black woman's child" as "i am a child of a black woman's child"



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One of my sketches

While I'm a man

It gets harder anyway and everyday,
The pain keeps on growing
The bigger it gets, The more I know...
I'm losing my ways to be a better man

I knew my self, I thought I did and
I thought I do, but this you made me.
My pride is almost gone and my mind is low of imagination and creativity. My mind is full of education planted by the educators.
I feel the bitter old days in my shoulders
This ways battles with my fears and future. I see my doom but can't prevent it from me, cause I'm weak and I'm silenced.

The men in the mirror looks different,
More like a stranger than me.
More like someone I see everytime I look at a broken mirror with tears.
I can tell its just a reflection,
A reflection without a future.
Betters days are in the past
Bitter days are in front and chasing me from behind
Being a man is overrated
Me, myself and I, alone stand with tears, sadness and an attitude of a hungry dog, as a man.

My heart is fast and my eyes are racing with the light of success
My tangue is out there, as if my nose is not accumulating enough air.
My ears were open, only to be stricken by the lightning of recruiters.
It used to be the struggle of us "black" but now it's "black and white" they say!

My diploma is under my mother's single bed with many copies on a dirty brown envelope
Mails after eMails and faxes after calls
My cry for work as a man is unanswered
The only thing I'm trying to find is an opportunity to show my self as a man
My hopes for a glory
My dreams for better tomorrow
My ambition to be the better man seems like a myth that almost alters the legends by its ways of deception

Corruption changed my country's man and it's about to make me less than what my birth right titled me to be! Greatness it is or it was... I'll see

My sac and my bigger stick between my legs are shadowed by the egos, laziness and selfishness of recruiters. Internship is all I ask as my life depends on it.
If I ever get my chance to show my manly me, I'll be greater than those who were great... I'm a man you think I'm not!!! 

I'm just a university Student
For God sake
Let me be great...
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