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Bridgette Duplin-Chang/Ladybug - +Little Flaky
Felix Agreste/Cat Noir - +Neverius Indoril
Chloé Bourgeois/Melodie -
Nino Lahiffe/Gavroche -
Michel Haprèle/Kid Mime -
Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth -

(If you want more information on these characters please feel free to ask)


1. You can't kill anyone's character without its controllers permission.
2. You need a profile to RP.
3. Posts in the right sections.


*Alias:* (if applicable)
*Side:* (Hero, Villain, or Random Civilian)
*Akumitized Item:* (Villain Only)
*Miraculous Item:* (Hero or Villain)
*Kwami:* (Hero or Villain)
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Welp time to Get out my Edits and New Ocs-
Warning 3 More Heros
Name: Ashi Makkuro
Hero Name: Inky Chat or Chat Ink
Nickname: Inky, Ash
Age: Around 16
Gender: Female
Sexaulity: Bisexaul
Hair: Black with Redish brown Tint
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Akuma Name: Makkuro Akuma
Kwami name: Inky
Mircalous: Black Cat earrings
Weapon: Ink Pen (Power of drawing anything and come alive or real)
can become bigger or smaller if needed
Super Move: Inky Slatter Move makes the Pen into a sword that if used traps the Akuma in ink and pures it
Partner: Demon Dog And RedWolf
Crush: Red Wolf (Logan)
Will Make Edits Soon OwO
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Name: Zena Lor-El/Zena LaRue/Zena Vexlus
Alias: Ultragirl
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Kryptonian
Family/Allies: Lor-El (Father, Deceased), Lana Mal-El (Mother, Deceased), Dar-El/Denarii Vexlus/Ultraman (Brother), Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman (Cousin), Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Cousin), Michael LaRue (Adoptive Father), Samantha LaRue (Adoptive Mother), Lucien LaRue/Cat Blanc (Adoptive Brother), Jason LaRue (Adoptive Cousin)
Hero, Villain, or Neither: Hero
-Master Hacker and Computer Technician
Science Mastery
-Eidetic Memory
-Superhuman Strength
-Superhuman Speed
-Superhuman Endurance
-Super Senses
-X-ray Vision
-Heat Vision
-Frost Breath

L - Lucien
Z - Zena

[Paris 2 months ago]

Lucien LaRue was walking around the Seine when an alien craft feel from the sky and landed in the river and skipped onto land. After it landed Lucien went to it and noticed a girl around his age in it. Lucien then helped her out of the pod.

L: Are you alright?
Z: Yes and who are you?
L: I'm Lucien LaRue
Z: Are you a Kryptonian too?
L: Like Superman?
Z: Who?
L: Shows her a picture of him on his phone Here is a picture of him.
Z: He wears the crest of the house of El.
L: What is the house of El.
Z: A highly respected house on Krypton.
L: Well from what I understand Krypton died 35 years ago.
Z: No it died a few days ago.
L: You must have been in some sort of cryostasis then.
Z: You're probably right. Thought I could have been in the phantom zone. Anyway I'm hungry.
L: Alright I'll find something. Oh you never told me your name.
Z: Oh sorry my name is Zena Lor-El.
L: Nice to meet you Zena.

they head to a sandwich shop and eat

L: So since you have a kryptonian name I think you should get an earth name.
Z: Why?
L: Well because people will think your name is strange.
Z: Well how about Zena LaRue?
L: So you'll technically be my adopted sister?
Z: Probably.
L: Alright I'll see what I can do about that. In the meantime you need to lay low and stay at my home. Oh since we already have a Supergirl and a Powergirl I think if you be a hero you should go by Ultragirl.
Z: Alright brother welcome to the house of El.
L: Huh?
Z: I joined your family, so you've joined mine.
L: Oh alright.
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Bridgette: I was sewing a blue dress together when I hear the door open. I ignored and kept sewing. Felix came up to me.
Felix: Hello... What are you doing?
Bridgette/Me: I'm making a new dress... Why are you here?
He then...

[Closed +Neverius Indoril​]

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Alexis: I was heading to the community pool near my house. I jumped into the pool and smiled happily. Yes! Sick cannon ball by the awesome Alexis! I laughed as then someone pulls on my leg. I looked at you, holding my breath. Then you...

[Open roleplay]

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Alexis: E-Excuse me sir. But are you looking for trouble? I asked, my cup of hot chocolate. He was blocking me from getting away. I tried to move him out of the way but he wouldn't budge. I suggest you move.... Before you feel pain... I put my cup down on the table next to me. Then....

[Open roleplay]

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Name: Alexis Starlight
Age: 15
Side: Citizen
Akumitized Item: if I turned evil it would be a necklace.
Personality: I had a fiery, creative, and kind personality. I would fight my own battles, stick up for people, draw, and loved to cuddle with my kitten.
Other: I love sweaters, going swimming, axes, drama, science, drawing, cats, fighting, and sticking up to bullies.
Bio: *My past is Unknown but I am usually friendly to everyone except for my enemies. Which are Chloe and Hawkmoth. I am not a superhero, yes, but I can kick butt!*
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