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Bridgette Duplin-Chang/Ladybug - +Little Flaky
Felix Agreste/Cat Noir - +Neverius Indoril
Chloé Bourgeois/Melodie -
Nino Lahiffe/Gavroche -
Michel Haprèle/Kid Mime -
Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth -

(If you want more information on these characters please feel free to ask)


1. You can't kill anyone's character without its controllers permission.
2. You need a profile to RP.
3. Posts in the right sections.


*Alias:* (if applicable)
*Side:* (Hero, Villain, or Random Civilian)
*Akumitized Item:* (Villain Only)
*Miraculous Item:* (Hero or Villain)
*Kwami:* (Hero or Villain)
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Alexis: I was heading to the community pool near my house. I jumped into the pool and smiled happily. Yes! Sick cannon ball by the awesome Alexis! I laughed as then someone pulls on my leg. I looked at you, holding my breath. Then you...

[Open roleplay]

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Alexis: E-Excuse me sir. But are you looking for trouble? I asked, my cup of hot chocolate. He was blocking me from getting away. I tried to move him out of the way but he wouldn't budge. I suggest you move.... Before you feel pain... I put my cup down on the table next to me. Then....

[Open roleplay]

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Name: Alexis Starlight
Age: 15
Side: Citizen
Akumitized Item: if I turned evil it would be a necklace.
Personality: I had a fiery, creative, and kind personality. I would fight my own battles, stick up for people, draw, and loved to cuddle with my kitten.
Other: I love sweaters, going swimming, axes, drama, science, drawing, cats, fighting, and sticking up to bullies.
Bio: *My past is Unknown but I am usually friendly to everyone except for my enemies. Which are Chloe and Hawkmoth. I am not a superhero, yes, but I can kick butt!*
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Name: Hekla Grímsson
Alias: The Buzz
Age: 19
Side: Anti Hero
Miraculous Item:Stinger Blade
Powers/Weapons:Flying,Super Human strength,Poison Stinger
Bio: She was born in Reykjavik as an only child. Her parents are actors so shes lives in a mansion in Paris and Reykjavik. She loves French Men because they flirt with them. She also has D cups and men love they way the giggle. She is also loves to read about history. Her costume isn't a costume because you see she mixed her DNA with a Wasp and she can turn at will.
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Jake was walking to class when he bumps into you and you....

(Open rp)

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Name: Lucien LaRue
Superhero Name: Cat Blanc
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: His personality is a mixture between Spiderman and Cat Noir.
Miraculous: Ring
Kwami: Baast
Power & Weapon: Staff and Decoy (explained in the Bio I wrote on Quotev)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 138
Likes: Video games, anime, ancient culture/mythology, Barbeque, music, and nice people.
Dislikes: jerks and snobby people
Friend(s): none yet in Paris since he's the new student
Family: Michael LaRue (Father), Samantha LaRue (Mother), Jason LaRue (Cousin).
Relationship Status: Single.
Pet(s): None

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Name: Jessica Walker

Alias: Blue Mist

Age: 18

Side: Hero

Miraculous Item: Moon Necklace

Kwami: Dean (Dean is a bird Kwami)

Powers/Weapons: can emit a storm, Fliet, Smoke

Personality: Kind,Caring,Playful

Lover: Jake Dupain-Cheng

Crush: Jake Dupain-Cheng

Bio: she grew up in Russia with her Bestfriend Jake but then he had to go to the army and came back after a year and she had moved to Paris in the time being and Jake came back from the Military and went to Paris and they found each other again.

+Tsuki Condor

Lucien is walking around town

Anyone wanna rp?
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