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The Lifeboat Foundation has launched 3 books! They are:

• “The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen — and What to Do, Third Edition”, available in paperback at and Kindle at

“Imaginative yet substantive, readable yet science oriented, and occasionally humorous, this book proposes future scenarios spanning from the current century to nearly eternity. Most chapters offer a concluding section with recommendations.”

• “Visions of the Future”, available in paperback at and Kindle at

“In Visions of the Future you’ll find stories and essays about artificial intelligence, androids, faster-than-light travel, and the extension of human life. You’ll read about the future of human institutions and culture. But these literary works are more than just a reprisal of the classical elements of science fiction and futurism. At their core, each of these pieces has one consistent, repeated theme: us.”

• “Prospects for Human Survival”, available in paperback at and Kindle at

“Advanced technologies such as computers, genetics, nanotech, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are progressing at an accelerating pace. Wells shows that the pace is too rapid for us to safely adapt. He makes a strong case for developing friendly superhuman AI as quickly as possible, hopefully a nurturing artificial overlord that will protect us from ourselves. The danger is that it will not be as friendly as we hope, but the alternative is unacceptable risk.”

Read the press release at

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The Millennium Project is conducting a Real-Time Delphi Survey and would like your input.

They want you to share your judgments about how future technology over the next 35 years (artificial narrow intelligence, artificial general intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, 3D/4D printing, self-driving vehicles, drones, mobile/cloud, augmented reality/holography, etc.) could affect the future of work, and what should be done to create positive conditions.

You can learn more at

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A realistic and desirable human destination would produce a different space program than what we have today.

“We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.” This is NASA’s Vision Statement. This is NASA’s reason for being, its purpose. This is a vision statement for science and knowledge. This vision statement was crafted in a solar system that has only one planet that is environmentally friendly to human life...

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Hello this is prasanna chakravarthy ( bun ) from india.
All members donate each member $20 for orphan children and HIV / AIDS children. For this fund goes to education, food, schooling, clothing and medical. We need $ 1000US DOLLORS every month.
Thank you.

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Momentum continues to build at Lifeboat...

1) The Lifeboat Foundation is now Media Partner of the RE.WORK Cities summit which will be held December 13, 2013 in London.

RE.WORK Cities brings together the most influential technologists, entrepreneurs, academics, business leaders, and government officials to collaborate and reshape our future cities. Attendees will gain insight into breakthrough innovations that will have an impact on our future urban areas through the world's leading technologists and decision-makers. Some of the new products and advances explored at RE.WORK will include progress in the internet of things, sensors, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Use the discount code LIFEBOAT40 to get 40% off the attendance fee.

As an extra bonus, you can apply to get a free ticket by sending a message to with the subject "Lifeboat Foundation RE.WORK" by November 27. Your message should be 100 words or less and should explain why it is important for you to attend. We have one ticket to give away.

Learn more at

2) Our Bitcoin Endowment Fund has surged so you can now submit your suggestions on how to spend it at
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