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The Rules ____________ Do not disrespect Moderators or Owners Put Application in the Application Center Do not generate Op Agents Foul language is fine (Though refrain from using it excessively) This list will change as rules are added, removed, or suggested - The Application _________________________ Name- Age- Sex- Date of Birth- Apperence- Photo or description What are you- About Yourself- Any Abnormalities- Preferred Title- Limit to one word (Like my title as Agent Malicious) Preferred position- chose either one or two Options:Cleaning staff, Security, Research, Medical, Cooking, Library staff, Or Engineering/Repair staff. Mask- All Agents have masks, Describe it. Mask abilities and limits- ( Foundation masks come with various abilities and magic)

Name- happy (strangely obeys when called Carter too) Age- 21 Date of Birth- July 22, 1991 Human?- no, he's a human mimic. A being like a human but it lacks the I.Q levels of a normal human and has white blood. Sex- male
Job: security officer About yourself- a quiet worker, never refuses any task. Always finishes whatever is asked. He was born in a hospital nursery by his mother who had teleported there as she was dying. She had placed him in an empty crib before dying. Any Abnormalities?- can teleport, resistant to extreme heat and cold, chews on clothes a lot. Has very soft skin and cannot grow body hair other than what's on his head.
Appearance- pale, white skin. Strawberry blonde hair on head. Bright blue eyes. Extra 4 teeth on the upper jaw, very sharp. The rest of his teeth are normal. Short, 5'5. Weights just under 100 pounds. Wears long sleeved shirts only. Black pants are a must too. Wears his smily mask all the time at work
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