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In case you didn't know, or have been looking to get Moho at a discounted's on sale until the end of the month! 33% off!

Thanks for the add! Your tutorial videos helped me learn a LOT about animation. I knew nothing before I started and im about to put up my first animation. I have a comedy series I wrote years ago and continue to write and nobody else was getting my vision with their animation. Thanks for all the awesome tutorials. I hope to have part one of my first episode up next week :) 


Quick question. If I create a layered character in a paint program, and bring him as an image file into Moho, can I create vector layers for other body parts for example various hand shapes and mouth movements? In other words can I combine image and vector layers at the same time?


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I've dealt with this type of thing before. The worst ones are where they disguise a compliment just to follow up with a request for you to do something for free. That compliment becomes meaningless to me.

I write and animate because it's the torture I'm most comfortable with. And it has to be personal, or worth something (money). Creating something for someone you have no attachment to will always yield mediocre results. Those empty jobs are the most mentally taxing work you can do. Any creative type reading this will know what I mean I'm sure.

At least that's my view. Also, the artist in this article handled the situation professionally, which is all you can do.

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Even with the small scale work I do, I can relate to what is being talked about here. I'm sure many of my animator friends will too. As freelance animators, we most of the time have to act as one man shows. And a lot of self scrutiny follows that process.
Their way of writing is what makes the show work so well. Forget the subject matter or vulgarity, it's the spontaneity of the writing that helps bring the extra punch.

chad, I currently own Anime Studio 11 pro, and was wondering about purchasing your book on anime studio. My question is the book still up to date enough for the software changes since it was published? 

I created a multi layered character in photoshop and saved it as a PSD file. I then opened Moho and imported it as an image file. The character appeared as well as the layers in Moho. The program did not create a bone layer automatically. Can anyone help me with this? 

thanks chad


If I use Papagayo lip sync for my mouths, I was wondering if you had to use the mouths that the program uses on your characters, or if your created switch layer mouth positions would be incorporated after you import the file.

Thanks in advance.

If I create a detailed layered character in photoshop, and import it into anime studio when I add bones to it, will they need to be adjusted when I bend them? For example if I have two bones for the upper arm and forearm will they bend naturally or will they need to be adjusted? I'm just trying to decide if its better to create the character in anime studio or photoshop.
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