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Let me start by saying, I'm unworthy to talk about this topic. While I believe our daughter has a grateful, joyful heart and attitude, I can't always say the same for her mama. :/ I would love to sit here and write about how successful and awesome I am at always being thankful and grateful in all circumstances, but this series is on Truth and Trust so it's probably important to be truthful, huh? ;)

Well, the truth is that I easily forget how blessed I am. How I am surrounded by good things and often fall into the trap of focusing on the few not-so-good things. I really dislike that about myself. What I dislike more is this worry at the back of my mind that our daughter will become all the things I dislike about myself. That's why I know instilling a thankful heart in our kids can't begin with me and what I believe I can do, but has to rest safely in what God has promised to do.

"All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace."  Isaiah 54:13

That verse helps me pause when I get too caught up in my own insufficiency and reminds me of Christ's over-abundant sufficiency. One book of the Bible that I love to look to for expressing the true fullness of God is Colossians. There is a wealth of information on raising a household in the Lord in this book, but for now we'll concentrate on these six verses.

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This post shares some nice ideas for devotional time for young children (plus talks a bit about the struggle moms face between having "peace" and a clean home ;) ).

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We are always looking for ways to make learning fun and memorable, and these simple tips are things anyone can do with their kids to aid in their eagerness to grow with God.

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Inspire Your Child's Prayer Life, which can be used in your homeschool or Sunday school settings. Let me know what you think!

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Another resource for kids songs

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This is really cool! Just this week, I posted a new Books of the Bible word search puzzle on my blog, along with a few simple tips for learning the books.

Then today, I came across a brand-new post from +Ministry-To-Children about... teaching children the books of the Bible! :) It is packed with neat game ideas and a printable set of Books of the Bible cards.

So if you would like to work on the books of the Bible with the children, here you go!

Books of the Bible word search puzzle with tips

Books of the Bible printable cards and game ideas (lots!)

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+Children's Ministry Magazine shared some great ideas in this post to help keep the children in your classes engaged, learning, and coming back for more. :)

I personally really like the program they call Bible Buddies where a child is paired with a caring adult in sort of a spiritual mentor capacity. And I thought the How to Use my Bible studies they did along with that are an excellent idea.

Another idea I thought was really cool is the changing seasons bulletin attendance board.

Check it out! Which idea might you like to try in your church? :)

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The Spiritually Sensitive Child

It can be easy to get frustrated when a child senses wrong where you do not. I believe the Lord would have us embrace that spiritual discernment, though.

I thought this was an excellent post. I would only add (regarding the 1 Corinthians 10:23 paragraph near the end) that we must be careful to not use a more shallow sense of spiritual discernment as an excuse for moral laxness. 

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