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Ryan Holder



Asbury Park, New Jersey. July 13, 2016-
What do you do when you find yourself at your wits end or at the brink of a mental or emotional break down? Manhattan born jersey raised artist Mic X, a.k.a Mic TheXception, has found a pretty creative way to cope with stress while sharing with us all a “piece of the peace”.

Lately, we are all too familiar with tragedy occurring around the world. From Nice, to Orlando, to Dallas and Lousiana, guns, anger, and hatred seem to be abundant in todays broadcasts. But, Statistics overwhelmingly support the fact that both music and pets can have substantial impact on a person’s mental health. But what do you do when you don’t own a pet or don’t have 9.99 for beyonce’s most recent cathartic drink of choice? You find Mic X and his “Xceptional” way of expressing himself and relating to other people.

"I recall seeing a young man holding a baby in his arms in the middle of the mall and sing to her. As I watched the baby’s large cries turn to little whispers then slowly drift of asleep, I cried. He must have thought i was crazy but I walked up to him and we quietly exchanged information. I've been donating to his music ever since." -Dorothy Manning Short Hills Mall #TheXceptionalOnes

While not a miracle cure for anger management, anxiety, or depression, some of #TheXceptionalOnes insist the vocals and expressive lyrics on his first ever public release "Radiate" have a super human quality about them that get you to slow down, breathe deeply, and remember what is most important in the big and little pictures of life. Be sure to checkout his album "American Human" FREE TO STREAM as it unfolds in the coming year at and leave all the stress of 2016 right where it belongs.

For additional information, CONTACT: Ryan Holder at (347) 991-6992 or

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