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Please help out, folks.
Hey Folks, +Maker's Asylum Mumbai needs to move to a new place to survive. We cannot do that without community support. Please show us some love !

In the middle of a sneak-peek of our new Makerspace. Trying to get feedback and experience so it starts well in the fall. I am wondering about scheduling and... how to design makerspots (my term, i think) that are appropriate from kids ages 4-11. The younger kids are having a harder time with the tasks than the older kids, but it must be my choices.

Looking for input about the schedule of Makerspace in elementary schools.
For example, we offer Makerspace time 1x a month for 1 hour for students in grades K-2 and again 1x for students in grades 3-5. At the middle school in our district, it is offered 4 days a week with rotating themes each month. How do you structure Makerspace?

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Calling all Makers with an interest in Space! We are seeking ambassadors and mentors to assist us in establishing the Destination Discovery Network

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Andrea Foertsch on space and real estate at How to Make a makerspace workshop. Makerspaces are not traditional incubators, they are more flexible and multidisciplinary. 

Apologies to all, we are going to focus on getting high quality videos out later as opposed to live streaming How to Make A Makerspace now.

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