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Welcome to the WebView Beta Community!

tl;dr - sign up for the beta at, and file bugs at

This is a public forum for users and developers to interact with the team responsible for the development and release of the Android System WebView. Here, the WebView team will post release announcements and other major notifications; you can get in touch with us by posting a comment on an existing topic, or starting a new post.

You no longer need to join this community to participate in the WebView beta channel. Learn how to beta test WebView here:

File bugs on the Chromium issue tracker here:

View existing open bugs on the Chromium issue tracker here:

See recent releases and generate a list of changes between releases here:

Learn about writing a WebView enabled application here:

Examine our official API documentation here:

Review tentative release schedule here:

57.0.2987.74 is now pushing to the beta channel.

57.0.2987.54 will be rolling out to the beta channel shortly.

Are there SHA-1 certificate restriction since version 56? Our users encounterd an error code 5 (SSL_INVALID) when loading HTTPS sites with SHA-1 Certificates after they update WebView to 56. 

android 6
After last update stopped working block scrolling:
document.querySelector('body').style.overflow = "hidden"

After the last update erased all data from local Storage

What are you doing??

Do we need to make any changes to our app (which uses webview) to make it compatible to work with Chrome webview?

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57.0.2987.19 is now rolling out to the beta channel. For details, including a change log list, check here:

56.0.2924.87 is now rolling out to 10% of stable users; it fixes a few JavaScript performance issues that were causing some pages to load slowly.

Please let us know if you see anything bugs with this version!

56.0.2924.78 is now rolling out to 5% of users - we'll continue to ramp up to 100% over the course of the next week assuming no issues. Please let us know if you see any bugs ASAP by filing on a bug and replying to this message with the ID.

List of changes between this and previous stable build can be found here:

Hello I am not a Beta rester but I have updated my one plus 3 to 7.0 . I want to enable Android system Webviewer but It's not getting enabled . I checked in developer options and saw that under Webviewer implementation there is only Chrome stable option. I want to enable Android system Webviewer What should I do?
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