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Welcome to the WebView Beta Community!

tl;dr - sign up for the beta at, and file bugs at

This is a public forum for users and developers to interact with the team responsible for the development and release of the Android System WebView. Here, the WebView team will post release announcements and other major notifications; you can get in touch with us by posting a comment on an existing topic, or starting a new post.

You no longer need to join this community to participate in the WebView beta channel. Learn how to beta test WebView here:

File bugs on the Chromium issue tracker here:

View existing open bugs on the Chromium issue tracker here:

See recent releases and generate a list of changes between releases here:

Learn about writing a WebView enabled application here:

Examine our official API documentation here:

Review tentative release schedule here:

I have Webview installed on my smartphone and have the 8.0 oreo installed also. The Webview sph is frozen and it disabled itself and I can't get it to enable itself. I tried installing the lastest update and it won't even accept its update. I have tried everything I can think of to enable it and it just won't do it. I've tried all 4 chrome browsers to see if it would enable itself and it didn't work. I even tried uninstalling the app and that doesn't work either. Any ideas on how I can get the Webview to enable itself? I can sure use some help on this

Is anyone having trouble debugging the webview with the latest chrome on linux? I get a 404 error.

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Hello guys, can you help with this ?

What is the best to use and difference between them ?

newbie here!

Im developing an android application which is using webview. It works well on other android version but when i open it in nougat something goes wrong, it does not load my site. Do i need to add some code in my application for it work in naugat version? Please help..

Is the following assumption correct?

To be able to choose a different webview_provider from settings, you have to explicitly register a certain package with its signature at build time of the Android system image (and have it installed of course). It is not possible to add another provider at runtime.

<input type="email"> not work auto paste email, when clicking on the proposed email after update android webview 14.05.2018. Android 6 LG G-Power

Consider that if i'm integrating blogspot in the web view of my android app. In that comments section, my users can comment for the posts that are being written.
But, after being logged in google plus account, white page is appearing without allowing to login and comment.
But i'm google O-Auth , then i tested google login, it is working fine, but not the google+ login in the app. I also integrated google plus api.....And still its not working! Help me if anyone had answers!!


Hi, there. I'm considering using a WebView, but want to know how I would be able to test against a specific released version. Let's say I get a bug report in the field that a a certain version is crashing or showing some odd behavior. How do I go about installing that specific version on my phone? I've seen instructions that say I can uninstall an update my phone has received (to put me back at the factory version), but how do I then update to a specific version (assuming I have the relevant apk for the target WebView)? Should a normal 'adb install' work?

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