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Bobby the MLG ball

Strength: 420
Speed: 420
Intelligence: 420
Power: 420
Fighting Skill: 420
Durability: 420
Agility: 420

he has the ability to throw ball bombs and his ultimate attack is the giant ball bomb, the giant ball bomb can kill up to 10 memes at once.

I will make a backstory video for him on my YouTube channel, Lord Frog

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Have a feme the "nope" squirrel

Created when i had to draw a dog saying nope and it looked like squirrel so the next drawer had to draw a squirrel and since the theme was memes i made this into a meme (made by a team effort)


Greatest Feat:Nopeing the sun

Powers/Abillitys:Nope,Denies attacks from damage,limit is 69 stars power Climb,Can climb a tree to jump down on to them from above Guess:Guesses A Random Attack And He Will Do That Attack

Overall:The Nope Squirrel May have strong attacks and be fast but with his low defense and 69 star limit,strong attacks destroy him quite fast

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Name: JonTron a.k.a. Jon Jafari
Speed: ECH!
Strength: ECH!
Intelligence: ECH!
Durability: ECH!
Agility: ECH!
Fighting Skills: ECH!
Power: ECH!

Feats: Solo'd and survived every multiversal attack from every horrible video game that he has ever played, one shot the great Boot-Leg, Once tried to hang himself, and survived, Is So Strong, that he can destroy his foes by simply saying "ECH!", and he created a Star in his "Fireworks Cover (Animation)" Video.

Weaknesses: None

Transformations: None

Allies: Jacque the Robot Parrot

ECH Manipulation
Everybody moves f#*king slow
Circle Of Death
Fireworks Cover
Lightspeed Punches
(Actual Sound it made)

Overalls: [ECH Intensifies]

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The Internet
Strength: ∞ due to it's size
Speed: ∞ (that's how fast a meme can go viral), can make his enemies slower via lag
Intelligence: ∞ via Google
Power: At least ∞ (Created all the memes)
Fighting Skill: ∞ (with so much stuff in it, there must be some fighting information)
Durability: ∞ (to destroy the internet, you would need to destroy all the memes), destroying the internet at this point would probably destroy our entire world.
Agility: Depends on the wifi

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This is Mountina of the Dews
She is based of Doritard (made by Death_Kid)
She shares a similar design and Powers to Doritard.
She is made to be the Love Interest of Doritard.
She is the Duchess of Planet Dew
She lives in a Palace on Mount Dew
She had a Extreme Crush on Doritard and she made a giant shrine of him and drew tons of fanart on her computer of him. She was obsessed with Doritard, but she never had the courage to talk to him.
But when Doritard was chosen to fight in the Free 4 All Mountina told Doritard how much she loved him and it turns out Doritard was completly flaterred by Mountina's unvieled love for him so he deceided to give her a dorito necklace to renember him when he dies in Free 4 All. Sadly Doritard died in battle by fighting Weedin to the death. But luckily when Hyper God Sanegee recreated the universe Doritard came back to life. Mountina was so happy that she imeadlity proposed marriage to him. Doritard extremely flaterred has yet to make his descision.
Strength: She is strong Enough to crush and lift a giant pile of Aluminum Cans
Speed: She is fast enough to run on water and run up Water Falls
Durability: She is durable enough to withstand Giant Can Compacters
Stamina: She has infinite Stamina because Mountain Dew has tons of sugar and can make you hyper and gives you energy.
Smarts: She know the entire periodic table and knows everything about all the elements including there density Melting point and Reactivity ETC
MountainDewnesis: She can control Mountain Dew and create Bubble
Tsunami's Rain etc She can control the temperature and reactivity of the Mountain Dew and she make them cold enough to turn to ice or snow or even Glaciers and Icebergs and Hail. She can make them hot enough burn her enemies or even to evaporate and turn into clouds. She can make them react by making them bubble and sizzle and explode.
Aluminumnesis: Alluminum is her favorite element thats why she alyways has a sheet of Alluminum wraped around her waist.
She can make Alluminum Weapons and Alluminum Projectiles ETC
Teleport: She can teleport.
Dank boots: She got these dank boots from Doritard (because he gives them to everyone) It make her immune to getting high.
Mountain Dew Nuke: She has a Mountain Dew Nuke that is just as strong as Doritard's Dorito Nuke. This Nuke is so strong it can destroy 420 universe.
1.She is very protective of Doritard because he is her bae and If Doritard is in danger she will pay attention to him instead of the opponet she's currently fighting.
2.She can be Manipulated if Doritard is in the hands of the enemy.
3. Any tempature bigger then the Melting point of Alluminum can burn her to death and any tempature Massively Sub Zero can freeze her to death.
4, Anything that is soluble likes Spices and Salt ETC can Mortallty Wound Her if no one heals her she will die.
5. Any brand of chips or soda that is not under the pepsi cola company will completly gross her out and make her very sick.

Overall Mountina of the Dews is a strong opponet not to messed with

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It all makes sense now...

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Heya, here's my meme. His name is (almost) every fricking sans meme in this goshdarn planet.

Height: as tall as sans
Weight: fat

Strength: brokenly overpowered

Powers: brokenly broken overpowered

Feats: he killed anybody with one punch (man)

Weakness: too hard to find


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New Feme



Penguurang-He Throws A Boomarang With A Penguin Picture On It

Impact Bomb-He Throws A Bomb That Once It Hits Impact Explodes

Max Agillity-He Gets Every Stat × 10

Penguin Moves-He Quickly Uses Attacks That You Would Learn As A Black Belt Karate Master

Weaknesses:He Is Very Confident He Thinks He Can Do Everything Aready Wich Can Lead To Death But When Given Time He Will Train

Backstory:He Lost His Family To A Polar Bear When He Was Young After A Childhood Of Sadness And Fear He Heard About Batman He Decided They Had A Lot In Common So He Became Bat-Penguin!!! (And Ended Up A Meme The End)


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Archie Paper Somari.
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