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I've recently had a request from a member asking to make a new section called the Sky Army Project. As we all know, Adam has seemed pretty depressed lately. It is our duty as a fanbase to make sure he will be okay.

Therefore, this category will pertain to arts and pictures that will help to boost Adam's moral. Things like inspirational arts or "We're rooting for you!!" cards are welcome! Hopefully Adam will become a little happier once he sees we are there for him.

Thank you all, and make it your mission to empower the leader of the Sky Army!~

For more information about this project, click this link:

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It's time to say goodbye to SkyDoesMinecraft.

He won't exist anymore. This will be my last art of him.

Let's go meet NetNobody!

Guys, we must conteinue sky's legacy, for Adam, for Minecraft, FOR THE SKY ARMY!!

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I believe the photo says it all, lol 😂 That was a funny episode

In case nobody saw his recent video, his channel "Sky Does Minecraft" will be turning into a community channel now. That means that people may submit videos and they will upload them to the channel for others to get themselves out there and such. Maybe we could try to help support others as well?

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;W; this tweet makes me wanna cry. I loved skymedia a lot I'm gonna miss the challenges and everything. Every one involved 😭
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Damn, I'm kinda sad to see that Adam isn't doing mine craft anymore. (I'm so sorry for swearing here)

Sadly we have all heard the news sky does Minecraft is over but we must encourage him on his new channel

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I'm glad Adam isn't quitting YouTube completely, but here we are, as the SkyDoesMinecraft community. I would love to suggest to +Pajama Cat​ that we change the community to "NetNobody" or add a section to the community of it. He made me happy and many others as well, I hope we can all agree to support him through this new part of his life, he's been through a lot.

Alesa cheated on him and that will affect Mason, JinBop went to jail, Brandon/Bashurverse got his reputation ruined thanks to (JoblessGarett) Garett and his girlfriend cheated on Brandon with Garett in her own house as she left him and he tried to kill himself, Adam went onto Drama Alert, many people made fun of him for his "kid-friendly" content and now, he finally made a choice to quit.

He usually said he might make livestreams on SkyVSGaming and that means he is not quitting gaming completely, but he will not be kid friendly anymore and will go back to making "fucked up videos", I'm proud of how far he has gotten after all the things that have happened and problems he has confronted in his career as "Sky."

I will always love this man, with all my heart.

This is the end of something we loved, but the start of a new chapter in Adam's life, I hope you can all understand and help him.

Goodbye, Sky.

Hello, Adam.

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Are you sad about the whole Adam/SkyDoesMinecraft situation?
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Not that big of a deal!
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