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Finally settled on a name for the book!

You wanted me to tell you the lore of the Main Universe so here it is...

The Main Universe goes by many names such as the Alpha Universe or the Origin Universe or the Main Universe. It was the first universe created. Many believe that Zodiac the most mysterious of the three truths created it. Many inter universal civilizations fear even going to this universe. This is usually since any slight changes can shift all of reality. Although even if they did it would be insignificant. Rouge guild members can cause major ripples in all timelines. This usually leads to Zuk (another of the truths) to send you to eternal nightmares. Although this universe does have life and planets.

...And that is the main universe.

Now next time...

The Truths-next month

The Guilds-agian next month

Should I tell the lore of...

The main Universe

The Truth's

The Guilds

...You choose

Finished chapter one and a couple paragraphs in.

Just made this community!
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