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Currently, luxury plastic hangers usually today are lotus, beech, rubber wood and Manchurian ash, one point should be emphasized is that Manchurian ash is overcutting and decreasing, Chinese government is taking related measures to protect them. The most common material is lotus, it has many advantages, such as, hard, clear, low cost and environmental. Unlike cedar wood, which needs high craft and high cost, also color printing is difficult relatively. Besides, beech is expensive because of exporting from foreign countries.

There are more than 80% of wooden hanger comes from China, if you have any questions about wood hangers, please contact us, we will give more details of clothes hangers and competitive price for you.

You can search our website chinahangerstore here and find your best products.

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Father’s Day Gifts—Hangers
Thank dad for those nuggets of wisdom, bad jokes, and for always being there for you. Father’s Day is all about to celebrating your father, choosing a personalized present that’ll tell him he is the best in the world.
For 2015, Father's Day is June 21. Do you have any unique ideas for your dads? We got a lot from them since the beginning; they've held your hand or had your back through your periods of growth and uncertainty. This time, give him a gift that’s uniquely designed just for him, that is to say, be ready with a gift that reflects his personality and style.

Something you have to consider when you choose a gift for your dads. First, giving them some presents which are practical and meaningful, such as household articles, belts, ties and so on. Second, finding something to let your dads know you’re thinking of them, our fathers pay big price to raise us, they most wanted to know whether we care about them. Third, giving something they are interested in, however, do not spent what you can’t afford.
In our daily life, Coat hanger is one of the best gifts to express your love, which is special and meaningful. Hanger is a small thing that will make your father’s clothes clean and tidy, which will make him confidence and be in high spirits for daily work.
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of All Kinds Clothing Hangers

Coat hanger is a device in the shape of human shoulders, which was inspired by a coat hook that was invented in 1869 by O. A. North of New Britain, Connecticut. The first clothing hanger is the wire hanger, which has a simple loop of wire in a flattened triangle shape that continues into a hook at the top. But now in the market, there are many different and complicated hangers. There are mainly wire hanger, plastic hanger, wooden hanger, satin hanger and velvet hanger. Different hangers are with different advantages and disadvantages.
Let us check them out as following:
Wire hanger:
Wire hanger is durable and could last for a long time. It will not be out of shape when bears heavy clothes. And also metal gives people noble and fashion feel. But the disadvantages of wire hanger are high cost, complicated processing, easy to rust and heavy to carry.
Plastic hangers:
The advantages of plastic hanger are low cost, simple processing, light to carry and colorful colors, while the disadvantages of plastic hanger are easy to break when bearing heavy clothes, not good for environment during production and recycle and the abrasion will affect the gloss and appearance.

Wooden hangers:
Wooden hanger gives people closing to the nature, warm and elegant feel. Different texture of the wood gives people different feelings. The cost of wooden hanger is not high. And it is not bad to environment during the production and recycles. However, wooden hanger is very easy to crack or deform after getting wet. Wood is also easy to be wormy.
Satin hanger:
Satin hanger is very lovely and fashionable. It gives people different touch feeling and visual perception. It could make the shoulders of suits and shirt not easy to deform. Its disadvantages are narrow usage range and easy to get dirty.
Velvet hanger:
The major advantage of velvet hanger is that it could make the clothes not slip off the hanger. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty and not easy to clean.
Wooden Hangers,Plastic Hangers,Coat Hanger

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5 Ways To Check The Quality Of Wooden Hanger
Wooden hangers are more and more popular these days. How to know the quality of wooden hanger? Through below five ways, we could easily know if a wooden hanger is good or not.
1.Check the wood material through smelling
For most of wood material, it has its own smell. Like pine wood, it has turpentine flavor. Camphor wood has camphor flavor. Different wood material are with different quality.
2.Check the wood quality through seeing
For good quality wooden hanger, there should not be holes, knots and fissure on it. And there is no lack of accessories.
3.Check the polishing quality of the wooden hanger through touching
Use hands to touch the surface of the wooden hanger. To feel the smoothness of the hanger surface.

4.Check the stability of wooden hanger through listening
We can use the wooden hanger to knock on the ground and then hear the sound it makes. If the sound is very clear, then the workmanship of the wooden hanger is very good. If the sound is not very clear, then the grooving part is not very well.
5.Check the detail of wooden hanger by asking
We could ask detailed questions to know more about the quality of wooden hanger. Such as, what kind of wood material it is, which grade the wood material is and what paint does it use.
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How To Earn Client’s Trust?

Customers don't buy from people they don't trust. So if you want people to buy from you. The first thing you need to do is to earn their trust. How to earn clients’ trust? Here are some rules:
Be yourself.
Everybody on the planet has had unpleasant experiences with salespeople, and many have walked away from a sales situation feeling manipulated. So, rather than acting or sounding like a salesperson, simply act the way you would when meeting with a colleague.
Value the relationship.
If you want people around you to value having a relationship with you, you must truly believe that relationship building is important. You must also believe that you honestly have something of value to offer to the relationship.
Be curious about people.
People are drawn to those who show true interest in them. Curiosity about people is thus a crucial element of relationship building. Having an abiding fascination in others give you the opportunity to learn new things and make new connections.
Be consistent.
A customer's ability to trust you is dependent upon showing the customer that your behavior is consistent and persistent over time. When a customer can predict your behavior, that customer is more likely to trust you.
Seek the truth.
Trust emerges when you approach selling as a way of helping the customer–so make it your quest to discover the real areas where there you can work together. Never be afraid to point out that your product or company may not be the right fit.

Keep an open mind.
If you're absolutely convinced the customer needs your product, the customer will sense you're close-minded and become close-minded in return. Instead, be open to the idea that the customer might be better served elsewhere. In turn, customers will sense that you've got their best interests at heart.
Have a real dialog.
Every meeting should be a conversation, not a sales pitch. Spend at least half of every customer meeting listening. And make certain the conversation is substantive and about real business issues, not just office patter or sports chit-chat.
Be a professional.
Customers tend to trust individuals who are serious about what they do, and willing to take the time to achieve a deep understanding of their craft. Take the time every day to learn more about your customers, their industry and their challenges.
Show real integrity.
Be willing to take a stand, even when it's unpopular with your customer or your company. You don't need to be adversarial, but have the ability to make decisions based upon what you know is right. And on a related note: Never promise what you can't deliver.
Needless to say, gaining trust is only part of the equation. You must also have a product that customers want and need, and the ability to show how you're adding value, solving problems, and so forth.
Eisho was founded in 1988 in Guilin, China. We are among the top competitors of Clothes hangers manufacturing in both factory scale and sales volume. Eisho is FSC, ISO9001 and BSCI certified. It is selling to over 200 customers around 40 countries, including fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Zara Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and UNIQLO, supermarket brands like AUCHAN, Wal-Mart and HEMA.
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TOP 3 Reasons Of Goods Delivery Delay

No matter how well planned the project schedule may be, there is always the possibility for delay.  Delays can occur for any number of reasons. Like any other projects, there is possibility of delay for clothes hangers project too. One common reason is that the project needs more time than expected. The time is miscalculated at the beginning. For example, normal delivery time of wooden hangers is about 30-40days. But some customers make urgent orders some times. Most of the time, the project will be delayed.

The second reason of delay may be that some accidents happen. Any accidents could happen during the plastic hangers project, such as bad weather, broken machine, quality problem or other accidents. These accidents will definitely affect the delivery time. For example, these days the weather here in Guilin is very bad. It rains all the time. Bad weather causes flood. And flood affects the production of wooden hangers.
The third reason of delay may be that the confirmation of production samples is delayed. Sometimes customers are very busy and forget to confirm the production samples in time. This way, the producers have to wait and start the production until getting the confirmation from the customers. Waiting will take some time. Besides these three reasons, there may be other reasons of delay. At Eisho, the clients will be informed at the first time once delay happen.

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What About Eisho Products?

Eisho is located in Guilin, with so many years in producing clothes hangers; we have enough ability to satisfy with our customers. We firmly believe, with our genuine heart, Eisho’s products, be worth trustful product, our products will obtain clients credit. This is our work that we have to do now. Eisho produces a variety of hangers, including wooden hanger, plastic hanger, metal hanger, laminated hanger and etc. Each kind hanger is with different sizes, colors and styles available to choose. Eisho can also produce OEM and ODM hangers as the customer requires.

Eisho wooden hangers are painted by eco-friendly paint. So they are good for health and environment. At Eisho, in each workshop, there will be at least 2 QCs to inspect the production lines. Each hanger is through strict selection before packing and delivery. Eisho hangers have been provided to hotel, garment store, family, clothing shop, hospital and school. They are mainly delivered to North America, Japan and Europe now. But Eisho is open up to any buyer from any country.
Besides, we have many advantages compare with other competitors. Every product made with natural pollution free material. The surface of the plastic hangers is coated with environmentally friendly paint. Excellent workmanship guarantees high quality products. We are confidence for the quality and the painting meets the standards of the USA and EU. In order to meet different clients all around the world, different sizes and different colors are available, printing or laser engraving logo can be decided by customers, and samples are available as your requests, notches on shoulders could be option.
Clothes Hangers,Wooden Hangers,Plastic Hangers

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What Is A Velvet Hanger?

Velvet hanger is a kind of plastic hangers, which is made of plastic and fluff. The body is plastic material and the surface is covered by fluff. In daily life, due to small volume, heavy loading and no fold mark left on the clothes after hanging, the velvet hanger is very popular. Here below are some advantages of it:

First, the volume of velvet hanger is very small. It can save a lot of space of your closet. Thus, you can take full advantage of your closet. Second, the fluff on the surface of the hanger can protect those big collar clothes from slipping off. It has good non-slip function. Third, the velvet hanger can protect clothes from deforming and wrinkle. You do not need to worry about your clothes with wrinkle after hanging any more.

Fourth, the velvet hanger could bear heavy clothes, up to 5KG. The velvet hanger will not be deformed even when you use it to hang your heavy clothes. Fifth, there are many colorful and fashionable designs for velvet hangers. They are very attractive to girls. It can make your closet more attractive too. Sixth, velvet hanger is also very cheap with high quality. Compare to wooden hanger, velvet hanger is much cheap while the quality is good.

In a word, velvet hanger now is one of most popular Clothes hangers in our life. Eisho’s velvet hanger brings you high quality, luxury and value to the care of all your clothes. This kind of hanger holds clothes securely and prevents slipping. Durable, construction, thin space saving design, will maximize your closet space.

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Why Should I Buy Children Wooden Hangers?

Eisho not only makes adult hangers, but also makes different kinds hangers for children. Wooden hangers for children are very popular. Some people may be surprised. They are surprised at the necessity of children hangers. They think that there is no need to buy children hangers for children’s clothes. The children’s clothes are very small. They can be hanged on the adult hangers with clips. Thus, money will be saved.
However, like adult’s clothes, children’s clothes need to be well cared too. Now many parents will prepare an individual closet for their children, where they will put away their clothes. So in order to take good care of children’s clothes, to save the space of the closet and make the closet neat, buying some children’s hangers are very necessary. Among different kinds of children’s hangers, wooden children Coat hanger is a good choice. Its surface is smooth. And it can keep the shape of the clothes well. It is also strong and will not be deformed after using for a long time.

Now children’s clothes are very expensive, even more expensive than adults’ clothes. So in order to save money in the long run, we should buy wooden children hangers. And also the children’s clothes are very delicate. In order to take good care of children’s clothes, we should buy wooden children hangers. Anyway, wood children Clothes hangers are very necessary and important in our daily life. We should buy it.

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How To Purchase Hanger From Eisho

Shopping online is fast, convenient and opens up a whole new world of products and services. Below are some steps and tips for your buying experience.
Please send us an inquiry on our website ( We will reply you as soon as possible. Inquiry is the first step when you are going to purchase Clothes hangers from Eisho, in the process of communicating with our sales, you can ask any questions about us, including price, freight, delivery time, service etc. If we receive your inquiry, we will reply you ASAP.
Please make the order and confirm the Proforma Invoice with us. If you have finished the first step, please make the order and confirm the Proforma Invoice with us, the order include what kind of products you want to buy and what some other details you need to know. Once PI confirmed, the order will be arranged upon receipt of your payment. Before we arrange the production, we will send you some samples for free, you just need to pay for freight.
The production and quality checking will be arranged. We have a professional team (QC) to guarantee that you will receive high quality products and great service. That is to say, the production and quality checking will be great for your purchasing from Eisho.
The delivery will be arranged after final confirmation. Eisho will provide you best service in your buying experience. After every steps confirmed, the delivery time will be arranged as quickly as possible.

Please let us know when you get the goods. When you get the goods, please let us know, we need to know if you have any questions.
Shop Wisely. Wisely when you are shopping online. Get the company's name, address and phone number.
Know Your Rights. The related laws will protect you avoid treating by a company. Under the law, a company must ship your order within the time and guarantee the quality stated on its Website.
Get The Best Deal. Compare prices among a variety of merchants, check shipping and handling fees, and order early to allow plenty of time for shipment and delivery without additional rush delivery costs.
Keep Good Records. Be sure to print a copy of your order confirmation for your records.
When Something Goes Wrong. If you have an unsatisfactory shopping experience, begin by contacting the retailer.
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