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Insert hate terms, racist terms, and sexistas terms here

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Mitsue was on lunch break, and was out in the courtyard, recently things have been putting him on edge.

(Open to middle schoolers)

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Name: Emi Hisoka
Age: 15
Gender: ~Le secret
Eye color: Purple
Skin tone: Fair
Weight: 56 kg
Height: 164 cm
Costume Color: Purple and Black
Personality: Extremely playful and childish

Bio: Will be added after class

Grade: 3rd year middle schooler

Magic: Telekinesis and Telepathy

Weapon: A sword that can extend into a spear or shorten to a dagger

Special power Imperium
While transformed, he has the ability to take control of living beings, although he can only control one at a time. While under his control, the controlled enters a state of unconsciousness so they won't remember said encounter

strut: 2
genuflect: 3
Aesthetics: 2
Poise: 4
Debonair: 3


Name: Ruhono Seina
Age: 18
Weight: 68kg
Height: 182cm

Eye Color: Lavender
Skin tone: Olive
Costume Color: Byzantium

Costume: Ruhono's costume consists of boots and silk trousers, a designer shirt with a silver flame pattern, a feathered scarf, gloves and a roman cape.

Personality: Collected. Ruhono has an air of competence about him, being cool, logical and a little distant on the outside, this is a guise that he uses to mask his shaken persona. During battle, he's brutal and ruthless, embracing his unease at the whole Mahou Shonen thing. 

Bio: A member of the Senior Class of Mahou Sho(nen/jo) which was decimated while fighting a particularly potent Dissonant threat. Ruhono lost his left eye in the struggle and suffered severe physical trauma. Due to the deaths of his teammates, he was diagnosed with brain damage due to the records of the existence of his friends erased. As such he was out of school for much of his senior year, hospitalized, resulting in him being held back.

In actuality, his girlfriend was forced to use her sublimation to kill the threat, causing her to mutate into a powerful Dissonance in its place when Ruhono was unable to mercy kill her. The blue eyepatch that Ruhono wears was fashioned from the ribbon that she used to keep her hair up in battle. 

Ruhono was forced to defend his life, but only after the remaining members of his team were killed off.

Grade: High School 3rd Year.

Mahou: Arcane Salvo Wheel is an enhancement that Ruhono applies to his guns. It fires multiple magic bolts per bullet spent that seek out Ruhono's intended target. 

Ruhono's Mahou skill is particularly potent, giving him a host of other more mundane arcane abilities, ranging from charm spells to barriers. 

Weapon: Dual Pistols that drain his energy per round fired. They do not require reloading but are little more potent than a mundane sniper rifle with armor piercing rounds. 

Special Power: Fabulous Consecration Flames is the ability to ignite one's own beauty to cause change in the world. The ability can directly damage Dissonance, heal other Mahou Sho(nen/jo) though not himself, temporarily enhance the powers of Mahou Sho(nen/jo) and even bestow powers onto regular humans, albeit temporarily. 

Using this power expends Ruhono's own beauty, temporarily decreasing his powers as a Mahou Shonen and if overused, making him vulnerable as if he used his Sublimation. Regardless of this risk, he is fond of using it to buff his allies and burn through the defenses of particularly potent Dissonance. 

Strut: 3
Genuflect: 1
Aesthetics: 2 
Poise: 5
Debonair: 5

Sublimation: Bullet Hellfire 
Ruhono uses his flames with reckless abandon to enhance his Poise and Debonair to far above even normal Sublimation levels then operates multiple Arcane Salvo Wheels to loose his flames,  burning through any defense. Wading through the resulting holocaust will grant his allies much greater boons than he is normally capable of bestowing while cauterizing their wounds. 

(pictures will eventually show up.)

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The discussion of how things work in the community.

So basically all that's left for our community is lore and some more specific rules

Alexander Klindt (,
that's what I wanted to talk about. 
So like the reason the monsters are appearing is because one of the gods of beauty, fell into the "ugliness" herself
Cursed humanity and started causing stuff to happen?

Alexander Klindt (,
I was thinking more, sentient alien bacteria are let loose on earth. 

Aliens man
Another alien comes down and grants powers?

Alexander Klindt (,
The result of the infection of humans alters reality.
Two strains of the same disease. 
Basically yo get infected and become mahou shoujo. 
Or you get infected and create monsters, like a carrier. 

Ah I gotcha

Alexander Klindt (,
when a mohou shoujo exhausts their powers, the infection mutates. 
Creating intelligent monsters and obliterating the mahou shoujo in the process.

When the monster hit a level of corruption do they change form?
Like, Small monster turns into Godzilla?
The longer they fester?

Alexander Klindt (,
They're just a symptom. 
The longer they're around, the worse they get.
Their effect on the world ins't necessarily negative. 
When they manifest in a place, the place becomes less beautiful. 
Mahou Shoujo are physically compelled to destroy them, in turn making the place more beautiful. 


Alexander Klindt (,
human carriers are cured when exposed to timestop. 
So by initiating an encounter, the people who are frozen are cured, even if the monsters persist. 

but the infection is easily transmittable. 
like through just being in the same area?

Alexander Klindt (,
contact with other humans. 
who are infected. 


Alexander Klindt (,
it has no averse effects on the host. 
in fact, Mahou Shoujo are the group who get adverse symptoms. 
such as a compulsion to purge monsters. 

Alexander Klindt (,
in actuality, without the carriers all mahou shoujo would die. 
as without monsters to purge, they'd combust. 
while without mahou shoujo, the carrier strain couldn't evolve. 
The bad guys know this. 
so they only selectively purge. 
guaranteeing their survival
while the children blindly fight monsters, seeing the aesthetic improvements on the world as justification for the eradication of the monsters. 

Aesthetics Op

Alexander Klindt (,
To rephrase, without mahou shoujo purging the carrier strain. The human immune system would eventually kill it off as it doesn't kill the host but is an infection. 

Alexander Klindt (,
well I'd like to talk deaths of mahou shoujo first, 

when they die is the infection released into the atmosphere?

Alexander Klindt (,
Well I was thinking that the disease inherently produces a second world where the infection persists. 
In this world powers exist. 
People with the mahou shoujo strain can bridge the gap. 

So they have powers irl. 
Traversing dimensions?

Alexander Klindt (,
That let them create a timestop. 
More like when you're infected the dimension becomes a part of you. 
The dimension copies the real world but can alter spacetime to alter reality creating an aesthetic gradient. 
When a mahou shoujo dies. 
I think the should be erased completely from the real world. 
No record of them exists. 

Would those with powers remember?

Alexander Klindt (,
The only people who would remember anything are mahou shoujo themselves. 
because they're inherently connected to the second world. 


Alexander Klindt (,
also I think mahou shoujo should have a suicide move called a sublimation. 
That exhausts all their powers. 

tHis will be the final getsuga tensho

Alexander Klindt (,
Well then they turn into monsters. 

>Implying ending up as a fullbringer isnt somewhat monstrous

Alexander Klindt (,
but in theory their allies should just shoot them when they begin to transform. 

Alexander Klindt (,
as monsters based off mahou shoujo are basically the worst thing. 

Alright so this technique is unique for each individual correct?

Alexander Klindt 
Well it should involve their weapon, concept and mahou. 

I didn't know if it could potentially just be an energy blast they fire from their palms 

Alexander Klindt (,
Well if their weapons are gauntlets and their concept is energy manipulation it could be.


Alexander Klindt (,
for example.
I think I want my concept to be something like, "flames of beautiful consecration." 
So my sublimation would be a flaming bullet hell where the fires heal and empower my allies and burn my enemies. 
Animated Photo

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Subject to some editing

Name: Mitsue kurosawa
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Eye color: red
Skin tone: Fair
Hair color: White, (Gray while transformed)
Weight: 54 kg
Height: 170 CM

Likes: Neutral clothing, art
Dislikes: Feigning Ignorance, Ignorance

Costume Color: Black and White

Personality: To those around him he seems apathetic, as nothing really affects him enough to show any real side of change, but internally he suffers from constant disdain for those who know little of the world's evils.

Bio: His parents, often traveled the world bringing him along with him, they’d often tell him about art, fashion and stories. As a child he adored it, but as he got older he realized something was off. One day several squads of police officers appeared in front of their rental home, his parents were apprehended on countless counts of theft of art, artifacts and various other crimes, he was sent to live with his uncle, he was devastated and that point his whole outlook on life changed, shortly after he was infected and stumbled upon his powers, He is now currently attending “scarf middle school”.

Grade: 3rd year Middle Schooler

Magic: Is capable of firing blue arcs of energy, and creating small blue colored barriers

Weapon: Blue Hammer that can change its size, depending on how much power is poured into it.

Special power “Overcharge”
-While Transformed his body creates an energy similar to electricity that flows through him, and manifests outside of his body as sparks and temporarily paralyzes those who come into contact with him, it will also flow through any object he wields using both hands.

strut: 3
genuflect: 2
Aesthetics: 4
Poise: 2
Debonair: 3
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Template for civilians and Students

Eye color:
Skin tone:



Templates for mahou shoujo and shounen

Eye color:
Skin tone:
Costume Color:





Special power (Description):

strut: 1 - 5
genuflect: 1 - 5
Aesthetics: 1 - 5
Poise: 1 - 5
Debonair: 1 -5

Maximum of 14 total points for Middle schooler
Maximum of 16 total points for High schooler

strut and genuflect influence your weapon's power.
poise and debonair effect your mahou.
and aesthetics effects your special power.
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