Hello everyone... I want to know how you can forward a trozan to make a complete botnet and make pivots??? I have remote trozan and want to make a complete spider bot-net want an easy way to replicate my trozan instead of social engineering......

Anyone know how to fix the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILER blue screen? Oh and hey LB didn't know you made a great community I would've joined a lot sooner if I knew. Anyways hope your having a great time.

Any Ubuntu Nerds? I was wondering if you could suggest a good screen and audio recording software that is compatible with ubuntu.

Anyone have a good place to go to get a computer fixed my graphics card and I think the power supply needs replaced

If there are any Minecraft experts, is there any way to get my fps higher on a Windows xp computer? In fullscreen i get 4 fps average, kindle fire size screen I get 10 average and gameboy size screen a 20 fps average.
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