Good morning Avondale, 

Just call me Lloyd. I am a resident in Murray Hill, but am a fan of this side of town, to add the Riverside as well. I am a musician, so go figure. 

I appreciate the efforts that are made to preserve the history here, amid the modernization in other sides of town. I just believe that it is important that future generations should have some link to the past. 

Great job. 

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Great review on one of our special venues here in Jacksonville. Have you gone lately?

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State Farm is looking to fill approximately 100 customer service positions in Jacksonville over the next two months. Most will be part time, but there are some full-time ones, too.

Come on #Jacksonville  here is an opportunity for a new job!

I love avondale/Riverside. I can't wait to have a house there.

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With the new school year of 2013-2014, I have decided to add a new community site on Google+. I will blog about the changes I see around the area and hopefully spark some ideas by the residents to create change. So this is a BEFORE picture from June 2013 of my house. Tomorrow will provide an AFTER picture from August 2013 of the same house.
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