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Hi everyone, I am a Windows UWP developer, and now I'd like to announce my new UWP app.

It's a music player called Music+ Player, which has these highlights:
1) A powerful equalizer, which allows you to adjust the music if you like.

2) "Sematic Zoom" views.Just like the apps page of Windows 10 Mobile, you can see your music in groups.

3) Many kinds of views like artist view and album view.

4) Playlist creating & management.

5) You can custom the theme color or use dark mode if you like

6) Sleep timers allow you to stop playing music automatically

7) Beautiful UI animations and effects

8) Quick music control in the jumplist and action center(BETA)

and many great features are comming.For example, I am trying to build a lyric sync feature.Now the mobile version of this app is building and it will be released in 2 weeks.Please looking forward it if you're using Windows 10 Mobile device.If you have some advice or find some bugs, you can use the "feedback" button in app or email me at

The Store link of the app:
or searching "polarbear" is also OK.If you like it or want to support my works, please pay for it, thank you very much

What's more, I am building a great syndication reader these days

Tengo un problema con windows phone 10
al estar conectado por wifi las notificaciones me llagan,
pero al estar con red movil, o funcionan las notificaciones.

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The anniversary update for Desktops has been rolled out but the Windows Phone users have to wait some more.

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The cross platform app provides the functionality to message and video chat with your friends and family for free.

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To all those who are looking for a nice youtube downloader in Windows 10 Mobile, Play + Save is an awesome one.

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