Warborn issue - Worldwide many countries suffering.
United Nation not yet solved.

Babies killing crossed the dark age.
This is one of the most important humanitarian issue.

Intellectual peoples of the world please support Warborn law.
Please request UNITED NATION for an initiatives for Warborn law.

Khaled Ahmed Warborn novel writer of Bangladesh.

Uncle Tom's Cabin, novel changed Slavery system.
Before the established of United Nation.

Modern civilized world killing Warborn.
After established of United Nation.

President Abraham Lincoln asked the writer
How she wrote, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Writer reply, God wrote it.
She did his dictation.

Honorable Secretary general of United Nation,
Please introduced Warborn law and stopped killing of Warborn babies worldwide.
If any reporter ask you,
How you introduced Warborn law?
Please reply,
God did it.

Khaled Ahmed writer Warborn novel Bangladesh.

Warborn novel written for Warborn law at United Nation.
First time of the world history to stop killing babies worldwide.
Bangladesh biggest books fair 2018 Bangla Academy published.

Please visit writer international speech :
YouTube : bongo news 2018 book fair - Khaled Ahmed.

Warborn novel written for negligence human life and their in humanitarian issue worldwide.
Since long warborn killing worldwide. More than Two hundred seventy thousands of Warborn babies killing during 1972

Slavery system stopped by President Abraham Lincoln.
Uncle Tom's Cabin historical novel inspired to stop slavery system.
At the moment worldwide many country Warborn killing. Only solution,
United Nation introduce Warborn law to stop killing babies.

Khaled Ahmed writer Warborn Bangladesh.
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