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Important Community Notice
In case you missed the announcement, +Circloscope has relaunched and is even better than ever! We have lots of new features for you!

If you were an existing paid user, you should have been automatically upgraded to the premium account which will allow you to manage 1 profile and 3 pages. If you were not automatically upgraded, please go to tools > extensions and remove Circloscope and then go to the app store and re-install at:

Problems w/Installation, Questions or Concerns
If you have problems with the installation or other questions or concerns, please put in a support ticket at:

Tutorials & Help
Please search our knowledge base at:

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch video tutorials at:

Please leave a review on the Chrome store or ping us if you publish any reviews or tutorials for others.

Thank you so much!
The Circloscope Team

Circloscope has re-launched with a completely new, easy-to-use interface, 10+ new features, and now has a completely free fully functional version so that everyone can clean up their circles!

Features in our FREE plan:

- Find active/inactive Google+ users in your circles
- Find your followers
- Find people that don't follow back
- Find most relevant people in your circles
- NEW - Find people that engage with your latest posts
- NEW - Find people that engage with other people's latest posts
- Find people that engage with any post or web page
- Find most followed people in your circles
- NEW - Find followers of other people
- NEW - Find people in other people's circles
- NEW - Find people that engage with events
- Find people in shared circles
- NEW - Find people in your circles with no profile photo
- NEW - Find people that you have muted/blocked
- Find members from communities
- NEW - Find Google+ users by email or Google ID in csv/txt file
- NEW - Black list to prevent accidental adding
- NEW - White list to prevent accidental removing
- Import Google+ users from a web page
- Search by name, email, location, work, education, etc
- Export people information to CSV format
- NEW - Save your queries/filters to use later
- Add people to your circles one at a time
- Remove people from your circles one at a time
- NEW - Undo those you have removed using Circloscope
- More info at 

Features in our PREMIUM plan:

- All of the FREE features
- Add people to your circles in mass
- Remove people from your circles in mass
- Manage up to 3 of your pages
- More info at 

Features in our PRO plan:

- All of the FREE/PREMIUM features
- Manage up to 15 of your pages
- More info at 

The Circloscope Team

Circloscope’s new logo, social media covers and style guide were created by +Dustin W. Stout, Founder and Creative Architect at

Thank you to our customers and all of those who have been fans of Circloscope over the years! 

Special thanks to our beta test community of 160 members who have been actively testing Circloscope for the past month and to whom we owe a debt of gratitude! 

+Christine DeGraff and +Craig Fifield wish to thank +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh for working so hard to develop a product that we are proud to share with the world!


Order Circloscope now at, or try the free version at

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel ( for video tutorials that will help you get started using Circloscope. 

Need help?
Search our knowledge base ( for help with common tasks or submit a support ticket to

Found a bug?
Please let us know by submitting a ticket to

Join us!
Our Google Plus Community ( is a great place to go for tips, tricks, help and support from other Circloscope users.

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This new site is an incredible piece of work and extremely useful! Well done +Circloscope very impressed! Nothings perfect but you guys definitely heading in the right direction.
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David Mauntz

Circloscope Discussions  - 
Hey, I'm having trouble using Circloscope right now and nothing seems to be working.  I'm able to sign in but not able to use the functions.  Anyone have any ideas why this is?
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Sometimes it just loses the connection +David Mauntz :)
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T E Hanna

Questions  - 
Can you explain to me how to read/understand the 'relevant' metric in Circloscope? I see that 'relevance' is tied to a number that you can input when filtering, but I have no idea what this number means or how 'relevance' is determined.

Christine DeGraff's profile photoT E Hanna's profile photo
Excellent! Thank you +Christine DeGraff!
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Lia Fons

Circloscope Discussions  - 
I did not now that I have only 3 pages.
So I took the wrong ones.
Is there a way to undo the selection?
Christine DeGraff's profile photoLia Fons's profile photo
Thanks +Christine DeGraff 
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When I select a circle and try to find out who is/isn't following back (within the selected circle), the software provides a global number (all circles). This just started happening in the last few days. Anyone experiencing this? Suggestions for a way around it?
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Feature Requests  - 
Right to Remember
since the right to be forgotten is already there ;)

It would be nice, if +Circloscope would remember the last page that I have used within the extension, so that we don't need to start always from the personal profile, let Circloscope load the circles of the profile and then be able to change to a page.
Circloscope's profile photo
Great feedback +CircleCount!
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I was wondering - is it possible to make an graphic like the one below of relevant users with the new version of Circloscope (great tool by the way)?
Our Google+ 50 Most Relevant Users (Infographic) 

+Diving Safaris Costa Rica 
+Simon Morley 
+Shawn Miller 
+Ellen Hui 
+Bobbie Jo Barton
+Jaana Nyström 
+Dr. Lance Farr 
+Marc Aubry 
+Maha Lakshmi 
+Jill Studholme 
+Dimitar Golodov 
+Thomas Grønfeldt Senger 
+Dive Computer Wizard 
+Merlin Divers Co., Ltd. 
+Brian McHugh 
+Rusty Partch 
+Reuben Walker 
+Marion Blumoer 
+Arthur Borges 
+Project AWARE Foundation 
+Peter Pan 
+H Shige 
+Rutger Thole 
+Gaye Rosier 
+Zehan Azieda Ibrahim Hakimi 
+gary cheng 
+Duncan Scott 
+Stephen Rothman 
+The Scuba News 
+Pascal Beaujolais 
+Domino Albert 
+Caitlin Stewart 
+Epic Diving 
+Sergey Mikhailov 
+Aref Dadan 
+Rahman Taib 
+Sabeen Khan 
+Scuba Diving 
+Deep Blue Dive Store 
+Laura Dinraths 
+Rodrigo Guez 
+Shaff Naeem 
+Rebecca Wright 
+H Shige 
+Martin Harvey 

"Most Relevant" is a determination by Google+ that you see as the default option when you view the people in your circles under the "People" tab. We're not sure all that it means, but it appears to be the people with whom you have the most engagement recently (eg 
+1s, shares, comments), and those with followers in common.

From via a post by +Mark Traphagen

Jaana Nyström's profile photoJill Studholme's profile photo
+Jaana Nyström Well spotted!
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Jon Schull

Questions  - 
I used the old circloscope to add everyone in a private community I manage into a personal circle.  

I don't see how to do that in the new circloscope.  

Please advise

Lany Sullivan's profile photo
+Jon Schull You can grab the community URL and go to your dashboard, then go to Profiles, and down to Community members and add them all there. Hope that helps!
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Derek Dillon

Circloscope Discussions  - 
Export Function Fix:

+Dorian Bodnariuc , +Christine DeGraff 

Excel truncates everything over 15 characters, making Ids unrecognizable to Google +

Here's a fix for notifications etc.

Items Needed:
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word or Wordpad (free) (any text editor with find and replace function)
Kutoos for Excel (free)
To download Kutools for Excel:

Note: You Mustdownload Kutools first, and open Excel after downloading Kutools.

1. In Circloscope, Highlight the circle members you'd like to export.
2. Select Action>>> Export>>> Export to CSV
3. Click on the Choose Info Fields Box, and select ID
4. Click OK and Save
5. Find location of CSV file, and right click on the file.
6. Select Open With... and Select Word or Wordpad 
7. Open the file; you'll notice the numbers are surrounded by " "
8. Highlight numbers (select all) and go to replace function.
9. Replace " with  (leave this field empty). Click enter.
10. Open Excel
11. Before pasting anything, select row A/double click A (the whole row should highlight except the first cell)
12. Go to Format Cells, and click Text. This will change yoru input to text, otherwise Excel truncates your ID numbers down to 15 characters (adding zeros to the end for the remaining numbers-making it irrelevant to G+ system). 
13. Go back to Wordpad or your text editor; copy and paste into the highlighted column A in Excel. You'll see the correct Id #s--you just need to add the plus signs, and you're finished.
14. Make sure column A is highlighted; go to Kutools>>>Text Tools>>>Add Text.
Enter a plus sign (+) into the box. Select Before first character. Press OK and Apply.
That's it. It takes a few minutes. Better than nothing at this point.
Try this, and let me know if I left anything out. 
Christine DeGraff's profile photoDerek Dillon's profile photo
+Christine DeGraff: Your method  is so much easier. I didn't realize there was a +Mention option available (saves a step). Great video. Thanks!
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About this community

Circloscope is a powerful circle management tool that can help you grow an active, engaged following on Google Plus.

Kamran v. Kleist

Bug Reports  - 
There are some blue-heads circloscope can not recognize:

The avatar is white and the blue-head-sign is missing. I verified it with another account.
Christine DeGraff's profile photo
Yes it's not perfect - will have +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh explain or take a closer look.
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А почему у вас нет партнерской программы? Блогеры и владельцы сайтов могли бы рекомендовать ваше расширение более активно :)
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Keith Caldwell

Bug Reports  - 
I recently bought the application and tried to add all of the community members to a new circle.  I got an error message saying I was not allowed to add in mass with my version.  

Am I somehow categorized as a free user instead of a paid one?
Christine DeGraff's profile photo
Hi +Keith Caldwell please remove the extension from Chrome (tools > extensions > circloscope > delete) and then reinstall from - that should work - it will check the database for your ID and upgrade you to premium.
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Mark Vang

Questions  - 
We can only remove 500 non-followers at a time? I thought we used to be able to remove any number in a single batch. Did something change?
Mark Vang's profile photoChristine DeGraff's profile photo
+Christine DeGraff it seems that it only partially removed (500) of the non-followers as I had to repeat the operation 3 times to complete it. I'll jot down the exact math next time.
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Is there a ripples feature? Similar to the event or engagers feature, am I able to collect a set of profiles found in a ripple?
Christine DeGraff's profile photoSocial Node's profile photo
Wow thanks! Just what i was looking for!
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Rob Steinert

Circloscope Discussions  - 
I have not been able to figure out how to copy a post link and add it to my circles. We used to do this under Ripples. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
Christine DeGraff's profile photoTamea Spark's profile photoRob Steinert's profile photo
Thank you!
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I have a question.
I have bought circloscope for a promotional price a few months ago. Now I am not sure if it's a full price or I will have to pay yearly now?
Any suggestions?
Christine DeGraff's profile photoBauchredner Ian - Berlin, Brandenbung's profile photo
Already know the answer. Thank you!
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Dexter Roona

Feature Requests  - 
Hi all i have a product feature suggestion...... when we load members form a community we can often be loading 1000+ members and then when we add it attempts to add all of them so you get the error, my suggestion is an option to be able to select how many of that 1000 you add so for example set it to 400, this will also then help us be able to build circles of people we can then add to communities because at the moment we have to make a new circle if we want to add the members to a community because adding them to an existing circle always takes the circle you add to to over 500 which is the invite allowance for a community

Regards +Dexter Roona 
Christine DeGraff's profile photoDexter Roona's profile photo
+Christine DeGraff thats been done ... thanks
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Joe Ray

Circloscope Discussions  - 
The Only Way To Plus!

Just droppin' in ta bow down and pay respects to this app that kicks-ass.

Got in another number jam a coupla days ago and could not add anyone, so, took the new update for a spin tonight.  Trimmed 1400 people under one filter marked, Not Active One Month.

Highlighted all. Saved 3.

Worked like a charm, and was soon adding folks I have things in common with! Best tool made better.

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David Dhannoo

Questions  - 
I'm having an issue with transferring a bulk of people into a circle, I get a message saying about bulk actions are not allowed in trial mode. I'm confused why it is in trial mode since I am premium user. :/
Christine DeGraff's profile photoDavid Dhannoo's profile photo
Cheers +Christine DeGraff will give that a go in a bit. :-)
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Any known issues with Google Apps accounts and Circloscope?

I'm not having an issue, I'm planning upgrading a G+ profile to an Apps account and would have Circloscope on that profile... so just checking.
Mark Vang's profile photoKamran v. Kleist's profile photo
Thanks +Kamran v. Kleist 
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