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Name: may
Likes: starbucks,internet,animals,youtube,instagram
Dislikes:haters,attention wanters
Fav song: dangerous woman
Fav color: hot pink
Bio: you'll learn as you do with this character,same with others
Powers: flight,lightning, invisibility,mind control
Extra: ((she's a cover artist a model
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Name:sliver paw tail
Gender:female duh
Skill:cooking fighting singing dancing
Power: will its weird she mainly use light but she also have ice and water by she can fly naturel
Likes:blue stars sky powers wings to iPhone laptop mom dad and anime
Hates:green pink
Per:bubbly nice sweet kind lose temper tought don't back down no ones puppet she looks like a poplur girl but she not she a nerd she gets As on every test she takes
Favorite song: focus pretty. Little pchoys the your it
Favorite singer: Ariana grande Melanie martniz

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Name : justine pawsgrove
Age 15
Likes : her powers, her name, and her room
Dislikes : Brussel sprouts, enimes, and her stuck up brat sister
Biography : none of your concern
Fav song : swag it out
Fav singer : zendaya
Boyfriend :open
Siblings : ivorette
enimes :open
Friends :open
Rank : popular
Theme song:open
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Extras;; Aaron easily loses his temper and is often ruthless when he does.
Basic Info ✨  

⭐️ Name  ⭐️
Aaron Kreg Reynolds

 Age  ⭐️

Gender  ⭐️

Personality  ⭐️_
Aaron is a very secretive person. He likes keeping to himself and being alone, because he gets angry at the smallest things. He goes to therapy a whole lot,  because of these anger issues.. Nobody can ever really tell how he's going to feel about something.

 Appearance  ⭐️
Aaron is a Brunette, with  Aqua blue eyes and a muscular build. (Human). He has a star design on his chest, and creme horns. He is a Water Buffalo .(LPS)
Riverwood Star Football

👍 Interests and Peeves 👎
⭐️ Likes  
Aaron enjoys hanging out with guys, it just feels safer for him. He also likes drinking coffee and reading books. He plays football and loves it, he has a great passion for the sport. He loves Dogs and bears.

⭐️ Dislikes  
Aaron hates it when people make fun of other people for their differences and interests. Everyone should be equal, he believes. He also hates when people call him a nerd for liking superheroes and comics.
 😇 Super Natural Information 👿  

⭐️ Species  ⭐



If he did have powers, he would probably lose control of them.

⭐️ Weakness  

He has a weakness for people he cares about. If you try to hurt them, he will completely lose it.

Favourites ✌  

⭐️ Color

 ⭐️ Animal

 ⭐️ Flavor

 ⭐️ Food  

⭐️ Drink  

⭐️ Song

No Love-Eminem  

💝 Relationship Related 💝
 ⭐️ Status  

⭐️ Crush


 ⭐️ Sexuality  


 📓 Life Related 📓  
⭐️ Biography
The star of thefootball team, the badboy. He's perfect, isn't he? Girls swarm him like wild wolves over a piece of steak. He brushes them off so easilyumor has it that he's a playboy, and he's just a badboy who will break yur heart into a million pieces, but you'll still fall for him. Everybody's got a secret, though.
Accepted by 'Me.

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Name: Wendy Moon
Age: 16
Gender: female
Likes: music, friends, summer, The beach, the woods, cake and lots more
Dislikes: homework, bullies, high heels and more
Sexuality: straight
Bf/gf: none
Single/taken: single
Fav song: Sorry
Fav color: red
Bio: N/A
Power(s): healing and sky magic
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