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Hi guys! I'm hosting an Art Competition!
Rules and Prizes are Below!
Entries Are Valid Until The 9th Of August, Greenwich (GMT) British Summer Time. Entries Judged On The 10th.
~ ACNL Art Competiton~
Prize~ Sloppy Set and certain StreetPass Items
Please read the whole post to enter!
Hi guys! As promised I am holding the 2 top events that were chosen in the vote. Again, sorry if your idea wasn't chosen or your vote wasn't used.

But I am firstly announcing the Art Competition, which will end in exactly 1 week on the 10th of August, Greenwich (GMT) British Summer Time, 12:00pm.
(6 hours ahead I think of the US, but if this isn't your timezone you might wish to confirm it on Google or something).

Thanks so much!
To Enter
1. Comment your Friend Code.
2. Your Mayor Name.
3. And your town name.
Comment "Rosie's McBurger and fries"
If you read this far XD (random, but to check)


1. READ THE RULES! Lol sorry XD It's just they are very important! I will be checking!
2. Entries must be in by the 9th of August! Any entries not in before then will unfortuanetly not be judged :( sorry.
3. ENTRIES MUST BE ANIMAL CROSSING RELATED. This is an Art Competition, but there is no theme except Animal Crossing! You can do digital or a sketch/colour drawing, but must make everything Animal Crossing!
4. No entries that consist of sexual themes, explicit or racist content and/ or swearing.
5. There is no limit to who can enter!
6. The prizes will be, in this order
1st Place~ Sloppy Set, 500k bells and 2 gold roses.
2cnd Place~ Pink Bunny Balloon, a Red Pinwheel and 2 black roses.
3rd Place~ 500k bells and 2 pink lilies.

7. Comment "Marshall's marshmallows" if you've read this far.
8. If you haven't commented the 2 things I have stationed in this post along with your FC, town name and Mayor name, or have just commented 'Can I enter?' With no details I have asked for, I will either ignore you or ask you to re-read the post ^^

Ok that's it!
Have a good day! :3

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Please comment on the original post for this giveaway! :3
~Open Town Giveaway~
I'm hosting an Open Town Giveaway!
There will be rare items, bells and sanrio furniture in my beach area!
This event will be open in about 1 hour!
Anyone can come! The max items you can take are a pocketful!
Just so that lots of other people will have a chance! :3

I will be re-opening my gate every 10 minutes or so
This means that when people arrive in my town, they can quickly get what they want, and leave in time for the next people. I will give a 1 minute warning and then re-open my gates for new people, just so everyone gets a chance

1. Don't STEAL anything from my town. You don't need to. I'm providing free stuff for you on the beach :) Anyone found stealing and I will shut my gates and remove them, from my friend list and give you a temp ban from the community.
2. Don't complain if someone takes what you want, or if you can't find what you want. on this note, don't argue over items or be hurtful to anyone else.
3. be respectful to me and everyone else (self explanatory).
4. Only a pocketful. EMPTY YOUR POCKETS BEFORE YOU COME OR JUST AFTER YOU ARRIVE. If someone leaves to empty there pockets I will stop them because it is unneccesary if you've already done that.
5. Please don't go offline as soon as you arrive, because other people need to come as well. This goes for don't error as well. If you need to leave, leave and if you can't come, don't.
6. Have fun! :3 Ask me if you have any questions.

Because this giveaway will be hosted in 1 hour only, I will be adding FCs and such before the hour ends. When the first batch is called up and they leave, if someone else needs adding I will do that, but please understand when my gates are open, I can't add you, you'll have to wait until I send home that batch. And if you can't see my town on the list you'll also have to wait until I next open. Sorry :)
Well that's everything!
Have fun!
My info-
Mayor name: Cat
Town name: Sunset
Fc: 1435-6430-2402 PLEASE ADD ME BEFORE YOU ASK ME TO ADD YOU. This makes things easier.


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Plz join this new community, Animal crossing~ Turning over a new leaf!

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Hi guys! I'M SO desperate for these 2 villagers. If you have either moving out or are willing to get them to move out, please tell me! I will pay up to 1 million for each of them, including 3 gold roses in the bargain. Thank you so, so much.
2 Photos - View album

Heya guys! :D
SO SORRY that I haven't been posting regularly, XD It's been hectic! :D So, yeah, as of probably Next week, I'll be hosting more giveaways, so LOOK OUT FOR THAT!

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~Money Giveaway!~
I'm giving away 1 million bells!
All YOU have to do is comment a random number between 1-100, and in 2 hours, I will use the random number generator (see screenshot below), to generate a random number! Whoever has the closest number will win the prize! :D Please don't comment the same number as someone else!
When the competition is closed I will disable comments
What to type:
1. Your number
2. Your town name
3. Your FC.
4. Code
If you win please add this FC~
The code is~ MangoSmoothie!
(Just so I know people have read the whole post)

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Massive giveaway going on right now. Everything from sets, DLCs, 100 hybrids, to a dreamie of your choice! How awesome its that๐Ÿ˜ Just follow the link below๐Ÿ˜Š

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Hi everyone, decided to make an art competition!
Would you like to join? Its easy! Type the magic words in this post here (That youre reading c: )
K.K Oreo

Link to my community:

Afterwards request to join in my community! (after reading the post and agreeding)
I will only accept people who wrote the magic words (;

It will be fun! :3

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+Eevee Heartbreakโ€‹
Shading is terrible but here's my entry!

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My entry. Happy Halloween!
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