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~Drawing Competition~


There are 10 spaces, YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK ME. Comments will be disabled as soon as there are no spaces left. If you do ask this I will linger on wether to except your entry. Because it shows you didn't read all of this.

You have to draw YOUR FAVOURITE VILLAGER IN YOUR TOWN. I don't mind if you include other characters like yourself, or small details like flowers, just so long as the spotlights on your favourite character.

This is not to be like your characters the cutest so you win, it is just something I came up with for the Comp. So, it is all about THE DRAWING.

Signing up

Comment your
☆Town Name
☆Mayor Name
☆Mii name
☆Your Friend Code. (Fc)

If you do all this right, I will 1d your comment to show you have been accepted. Again, I MUST HAVE PROOF YOU READ ALL OF THIS.

There will be 5 places, for winners. The prizes will be wrapped up and waiting for you IN MY TOWN.

I will only add you if you got a place. I will only put my FC out, to you, if you GOT A PLACE.

Hope thats understood. So, don't ask me for my Fc Right now.

The prizes are:
First Place Infinity Fruit (random)
Second place 1 million bells
Third Place 100k
forth place A purple Rose

Collecting your prize

As mentioned before, you will be coming over to my town. Entrys will be judged on the 15th of October. Winners will be announced then. Prizes will be given that day.

Now, my time is Eastern Hemisphere, and so my time might be different to yours. But put down what time would be best for you and I will translate it to my time. ^^

Good luck to you all.


Heya guys! :D
SO SORRY that I haven't been posting regularly, XD It's been hectic! :D So, yeah, as of probably Next week, I'll be hosting more giveaways, so LOOK OUT FOR THAT! 

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~Money Giveaway!~
I'm giving away 1 million bells!
All YOU have to do is comment a random number between 1-100, and in 2 hours, I will use the random number generator (see screenshot below), to generate a random number! Whoever has the closest number will win the prize! :D Please don't comment the same number as someone else!
When the competition is closed I will disable comments
What to type:
1. Your number
2. Your town name
3. Your FC.
4. Code
If you win please add this FC~
The code is~ MangoSmoothie!
(Just so I know people have read the whole post) 

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Massive giveaway going on right now. Everything from sets, DLCs, 100 hybrids, to a dreamie of your choice! How awesome its that😁 Just follow the link below😊

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Hi everyone ! This my first time making this giveaway so it be A short One also
(( The rare peach basket giveaway ))
1. It all 3 basket so limit of people is 18 people then 20 and on and On ))
If anyone want to give me a inflite (( if how u spell it )) I be happy but if not then That okay ))
1. For more chances make a new villager ))
2. Put Your friend code and word : (( Added! )) so i know..
3. When ready ill let the first 3 people to come
4. when u got Your peaches I'll end and Then the next can come!
5. Afher all people got they peaches, i'll close giveaway when 18 people commented
(( U may follow me for more giveaways to be Noticed ))
(( My Fc: 3282-3760-8995 ))

I get the fact that you can put non-acnl amiibo onto acnl and HHD but I don't know where I can get them from with free UK delivery - Amazon (I tried and it says £20 free UK delivery :/) Ebay (I tried and it was like 8 pounds for one series and it only had one card) Nintendo official site (I tried it and it says that I'll probably get it next year) Black Friday (I set my mind up for that but then I figured out that they are gonna be packed, I can't order online either otherwise they'll be out of stock)

Anyone got anywhere I can buy Amibo cards in England (Just cards not figures) Also any non acnl amiibo that can give you cool villagers?


Only 4 so everyone who participated come for your prizes C:
(omg my pizza is burning brb................................Ok back srry)

Guys gonna decide winners.

Going to go up to 5 winners instead ;D

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Hi everyone, decided to make an art competition!
Would you like to join? Its easy! Type the magic words in this post here (That youre reading c: )
K.K Oreo

Link to my community:

Afterwards request to join in my community! (after reading the post and agreeding)
I will only accept people who wrote the magic words (;

It will be fun! :3

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+Eevee Heartbreak
Shading is terrible but here's my entry!
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