Hi. I am building up my site again but really lag the translations page.

Would it not be a good idea to begin building a solid way for translator to translate e107 ?
Forget google translate. Its only good for a basic translation and not a translation for a webpage because it cant see what you mean but just translate word for word.

An idea would be translating website while using it, instead of the old e107 way. You some times did not know what that you translate and how it was connected.

Must admit thats its a long time sense i have used 107 v2. so am not up to date anymore.

Best Regard SteppeR

An Old e107 translator

I've just upgraded e107 2.1.2 to 2.1.3 (git) and I still have no idea how to media manager > preferences > youtube works,,, I've added my API key and a default account and what next? there's nothing anywhere in the CMS that remotely relates to anything youtube, I even installed the youtube plugin for V2, but again there is no examples on how that plugin should be configured, I tried everything by trial and error and nothing.

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In need of plugin...
Hello to the community, looking for a plugin that display team roster for each division and matches results.. something similar to this:


Thank you

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Solid theme is available for e107 now. Because it contents plugin folder (It needs custom menus), I can't upload it on e107.org yet.

Demo is here: http://demo.e107.sk/solid/
Github version: https://github.com/Jimmi08/e107-solid-theme
Download available: http://e107.sk/download/category/4/solid-theme

Theme is free, anybody can improve it. I don't use it anymore.

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We've designed Free Bootstrap HTML Template For Croporate Business Agency. Can you guys review our theme and please provide your valuable feedback?


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Anyone here have read about upcoming progress in HTML5?


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Vagrant based development environment for e107 v2. ;-) 

And another update is out: version 2.1.1 is live. Contains bugfixes but also several new functionalities.

See http://e107.org/blog/e107-v2-1-1-bootstrap-cms-released.html for more information

Can anyone tell me how it develops e107 v2? Continued or stopped?

Sorry for the ongoing connectivity issues on e107help.org. I'm doing my best to resolve the issue.

Will post updates here.

UPDATE #1: Looks like the server is massively failing. Preparing replacement.

UPDATE #2: It "should" be stable now, but I cannot guarantee it yet. Will keep a close eye on it.

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