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Just random pics
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(Anyone here? If so let's RP!)

Summons my trusty Griffin Hmm... where to go... let's got to the main plaza... gets on my Griffin

(Is this community alive???)
Playing Mortal Kombat on phone hmm...which character...Raiden...

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Mayumi Yuubi The Purge (Pencil Sketch)

Herro, I have made us a place to store all of our Fan Art and Pictures, :3

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Fan Art of my Oc and Angel Marie :3 (Pencil Sketch)

Laying down in the grass next to the pond behind Slender Mansion, Jeff laying down beside me Cuddling BEN (Yes i ship Jeff and BEN)

((This be an open Rp no need to ask.....all my rps are free unless said so))

You walk through the front doors of the Phantomhive Mannor, Being greeted by Sebastian, Earl Phantomhive's loyal Butler, you follow him upstairs and you both enter the enormous Library, you spot a young boy sitting in a chair playing chess all by himself, he looks up from his lonely game and notices you in the doorway. ((Free Rp..Theme:Black Butler))

Truth or Dare!!!

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(I know this picture is from an Anime but it fit's her profile too well....)
Name: Chie Yuubi
Sex: Female
Age: 5
Personality: Quiet, Has a good sense of humor, Knowledgeable, Confident, very shy..
Likes: Sweets, Tea, Comics, Solitude
Dislikes: Being in a huge crowd, Being alone for too long.
Bio: After she was born her father was killed by an Angel and buried in the depths of the demon world, she want's to find where he is but is too scared to go without someone despite the fact she enjoys to be alone.
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