There are a couple of ideas for the keyboard I'd like to share; I don't know if now's a good or a bad time to leave them, seeing as you are busy deciding precisely what to do... so I thought maybe I could leave them here for the moment, and you decide when will you read them?

I'll leave them here, in case you're interested:

## Number keyboard ##

A number keyboard would be extremely practical; it's very difficult to input big numbers (like alarm times, calendar dates and number phones) with the keyboard as it is now. My suggestion: choosing a long gesture for Learning Mode and use the current gesture (drag up from the yellow key, in ABCDE and EABCD layouts) for the number keyboard.

The number keyboard would work exactly like the normal one does, but with dedicated symbols, so every digit can be input with a tap or with a short drag. Also, digits, and any other symbols which are almost always written next to a number (like $, %, €, £, +...) would go to this keyboard and be removed from the normal one. Maybe something like this (X is a space):

123+- :456^ ()789 ',.0% °/*=X


12×:^ °34() /*56= ',.78 +-90X

This would free up space for accented letters, and you could also throw away the “numbers” sheet from the cheatsheet. Gestures for accented letters would be shorter, faster, and easier to arrange for fast memorization. The number keyboard would last until you drag up from the yellow key again, or (if the user so wishes) when you hit Space.

AND, you could use gestures in the number keyboard to type very specific symbols like: currency symbols ($€¥£¤₹¢), ordinal symbols for Spanish (º,ª)

## Wrap-around keyboard ##

This actually is not my idea, but a modification of an idea I read in this Google+ page, by the user Sean Byrne.

The idea is: whenever you drag on the red key to your right (outside of the screen) behave as if you had dragged all the way to the blue key, and viceversa. E.g. in the ABCDE layout, dragging left on the blue key would write an E, and dragging right on the red key would write a V.

And maybe disable the shortcut by default, just in case it doesn't work on some devices.

## Auto-repeat ##

When you are doing a gesture (anything but a tap like typing E or V or ?), you could swipe up, and hold your finger to repeat a sign. Maybe you need to type a row of hyphens or underscores (for an improvised header/blank): you could swipe yellow-red-yellow (for hyphen), without releasing your finger, drag up, and then, for every 0.4 seconds, 5-TILES would type another hyphen, until you stop touching your screen. And the delays could be customised in the Settings menu.

Okay, I would mainly use it for messaging (things like "heeeeeeeeey?" or "?????" or "........") but I think I wouldn't be the only one hahaha

## Tweaks in the abbreviations function ##

Right now, if I have an abbreviation and I type a punctuation sign at the end, it automatically expands. I can drag down on the red key to cancel this expansion, but it adds a space.

Could you tweak it so I can cancel the expansion without adding a space? Right now, it's almost impossible to type punctuation after an unexpanded abbreviation, and when I comb a text left to right with the red key, it adds extraneous spaces.

Also, could you also make 5-TILES recognise abbreviations just after a punctuation sign? Spanish uses opening and closing question marks, and I can expand things like «q?» to «qué?», but not «¿Q». It would also help with quotation marks and font markup in any language.

What's happening with 5-tiles? Is it dead or just dormant? If you had some configurability to the keyboard may be that will revive it.

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Hi, could you tell me what are the origins, pros and cons of the three layouts 5-tiles has? That is abcde, eabcd and enduw?

I'm new to 5-tiles (I'm on Android) and I'm confused about the way the auto-complete is supposed to work. What's the correct way to accept the suggestion if it's right? Sometimes hitting right works but then sometimes it'll put in the correct word and then a random, non-highlighted word that I have to go back and delete. Hitting space on a suggested auto complete word doesn't work either. I've tried it in NTW Writer and here in G+.

I haven't watched and videos too see if it's explained there because I'm on limited mobile data. Same goes for the practice or learning app or whatever.

Thanks in advance if anyone can explain how it's supposed to work!

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"Flying is learning how to throw yourself to the ground and miss" - Douglas Adams

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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky
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"An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty" - Winston Churchill

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic." – Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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