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Ooooooh. Playing cyberpunk, with a hacker character in the group?
Have a computer nearby?


Holy shit. Great.

I couldn't find in the savage world's Interface Zero 2.0 book any augment to record images or scenes with you cyber eye augment. Someone knows if it's due to you can do the same with your TAP.

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I'm new to this community and to Interface Zero 2.0 (even Savage Worlds haha). And I need some help.

I live in Spain, and as my playing group are all spaniards like me (with more or less understanding of english language) I am designing a Character Sheet in spanish (based on the sheet designed by +Jarl-Stian Olsen from the Gun Metal Games forum).
I had some doubts about translating issues but I managed to do it well (I think).

There is only one thing I can't resolve. In this sheet, in the TAP section, there is a field named "HANDLE" with a # inside, and I have no idea of what is this field for.

Can you give me some hint?


PD: The post where the Character Sheet is uploaded is here:

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Just finished reading this. Awesome cyberpunk series!

I lost my files from the Beta version from Kickstarter. (Savage Worlds version.) I still play with gear that didn't make it to the final book. Can the original documents still be found?

Hi. I'm new to this group and recently have picked up IZ2. I haven't really done much Cyberpunk since the early 90s with SR, but I love the genre from a cinematic perspective.

Any link to resources to help me develop a IZ/CP game would be greatly appreciated.



I am searching for a fillable character sheet for IZ 2.0. I pretty much looked everywhere, but can't find one where I can use the skill specialisations. Does anybody have link for me?


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Trying to access the GMG/IZ forum (, a message says that the domain has expired. :O Hope it's not permanently gone :( The forum is very useful and a great little community.

Hello, i'm running a game in chicagoland, i don't know if hybrids have a social flaw in the city... any ideas? sorry for my english.

please help.

I'm selling my copy of IZ2.0 Fate Edition core rule book, intro adventure and 10 x fate tokens.

Alas, it won't get played in my group so I would prefer it go to a good home.

Let me know if you are interest it buying it, I'm based in the UK.
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