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The #Tunkalilla launch point provides some wonderful sunset views across to Kangaroo Island. Here is the sunset from Saturday #26-Nov-2016!
Another Tunkalilla Sunset

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The SAHGA Inc is the state association covering our sports in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

There are no formal clubs but groups of pilots do meet regularly in Adelaide and of course go flying!.

SAHGA Inc has an informal get together for hang gliding , paragliding, and microlight powered equivalents when required, to meets us please call or email so we can put you on our local chat groups to organize you to get you out to the hill and meet the pilots face to face.

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Check out Kym Fielke's great works over on Vimeo.

This video captures really well the ambience of flying with friends at Coastal South Australia. Cheesily, every day is New Years Eve!

Welcome to the Google+ community for Hanggliding, Paragliding and Microlighting in South Australia: SAHPGA.

Intended to complement the text-focused mailing lists, this community is a great place to share pictures, videos and stories of flying in South Australia.

Post here your multimedia after a days flying for posterity, or anything else of similar interest. Group similar posting by using hashtags of the form #13May2013, #Seaford, #PGStateOfOrigin #SAComp2013 . 

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Hanggliding cross country north from Tunkalilla Beach, Fleurieu Peninsular, South Australia
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