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Do you remember? A few weeks ago i ask " what Do you think I will build". Here is the answer. Hope you like itπŸ˜…

I've upload a new video on youtube. Check it out πŸ˜†

Whats new guys?

Just wondering does anybody play metro 2033 if u do check out metro2033/ metro last light. I know this isnt about halo just think u would enjoy thos community.

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Halo Mega Bloks : the battle for glory:

I will remove any post not regarding halo mega blocks or any bricks

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Some new images from Toyfair have shown up, featuring some cool sets. The best ones, in my opinion?

These two images show the two customizer packs from earlier this year, and two new ones, Covenant themed ones.

Elites have the new articulation and armor system(their helmets are actually different pieces than their heads!), along with new covenant crate molds.

Has any body got the scarab yet
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