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N A M E: Sheridan Kates
A G E: 18
N I C K N A M E: Sher
B I R T H D A T E: October 11
G E N D E R: Female
S E X U A L I T Y: Straight


P E R S O N A L I T Y: Kind, sweet, quiet, confused easily
B I O G R A P H Y: I was big on horse racing until an accident happened and I was in a coma and I woke up with amnesia and couldn't remember anything
L I K E S: Animals, music
D I S L I K E S: Not remembering anything, feeling alone
B E L O N G I N G S: Some trophies, my horse, and other basics

A   P   P   E   A   R   A   N   C   E

H A I R: Long, dark brown either straightened or curled
E Y E S: Grey usually light but darken occasionally
S K I N: Very pale

R   E   L   A   T   I   O   N   S

F R I E N D S: None
R O M A N T I C   I N T E R E R E S T: None
F A M I L Y:  My parents and one older brother

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Name: Adalaine
Age 18
Personality: fun, crazy, shy
Appearance: blonde brown hair, blue eyes.
Likes: adventure time you can never go wrong there, gaming, having fun.
Dislikes: those annoying people
(Am I missing anything and I have no idea where to put this so)
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N A M E: Dallas Avery Valli (It's like Valley but with an I)
A G E: 18
N I C K N A M E: Dal
B I R T H D A T E: January 30, 1997
G E N D E R: Female
S E X U A L I T Y: Straight


P E R S O N A L I T Y: Dallas is a very hardworking girl who likes to do things herself. She is very passionate about dancing, I mean she basically dances 24/7. Don't get me wrong she does like reading and many other scholastic things but she's mostly a dancer. Dallas is loyal to her friends and family so if anybody tells her a secret she will keep it till the day she dies. She is very kind and caring to her family, friends, and even total strangers.
B I O G R A P H Y: ((Okay I'm kinda basing her dad off of Frankie Valli from Jersey Boys)) Okay I'm just gonna throw it out there, Dallas's life wasn't exactly normal. Ever since she was little her father was always out with his band touring the country, and when he was home he was only there for a couple days. Dallas knew he was doing this to give her and her family a living but she missed him whenever he was gone. Her mother didn't help that much since she was always sleeping or drinking. But the one thing that made her feel alive was dancing, she felt like she was on top of the world when she would twirl around the floor.
L I K E S: Dancing, reading, spending time with her father, being around other people, people who treat her with respect, singing, alternative music, musicals, hanging out with friends, ballet
D I S L I K E S: Bullies, liars, cheaters, people who get in the way of her passion, guys who don't like her for her
B E L O N G I N G S: A necklace that her father gave her with a picture of him inside, millions of pairs of dance shoes, a dance bag, A powder blue Volkswagen Beatle


H A I R: Dallas's hair is naturally wavy with ombre purple coloring
E Y E S: Deep chocolate brown eyes
S K I N: Tan


F R I E N D S: People in her dance class, her sisters
R O M A N T I C I N T E R E R E S T: No one yet
F A M I L Y: Her dad Frankie Valli, her mother Mary Delgado, her 3 sisters Francine/Celia/Randy, and her dance family
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N A M E: Tris Wynter
A G E: 17
S E X U A L I T Y: Straight
G E N D E R: Female
R E L A T I O N S H I P: Single
C R U S H: no one
O C C U P A T I O N: Actress/Artist(singer)
H E I G H T: 5"11
A P P E A R A N C E: Hot but doesn't think it
H A I R: Shoulder length copper hair dyed purple-pink/black with blue highlights side fringe long-ish (like Zoella's hair most of the time)
G R E E N: Green with black eyeshadow and thin eyeliner
B O D Y: Normal body weight, skinny waist
H A N D S: Small and nimble, nails usually painted
L I P S: luscious lips and normally neat red lipstick
P I E R C I N G S: Both earlobes and a cuff at the top of my left ear
T A T T O O S: Three flying mockingjays on my collarbone (sorry I love that tattoo), a dandelion on my right shoulder blade blowing away into flying birds, on my wrist reads 'NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST' below a infinity sign and on my ankle an anchor
C L O T H I N G -
R E G U L A R: Crop tops, knot shirts, shorts, T-shirts, skinny jeans, jeggings (jeans and leggings, real thing!) Sunglasses, flipflops and jean jackets
S M A R T: Shortish dresses, skirt and shirt
P E R S O N A L I T Y: Bubbly and fun. Can be flirty, loves to sing and act, can be funny and doesn't really get that angry. MUSIC IS MY LIFE and chatty.
H O B B I E S: Surfing, reading, singing, skateboarding, flirting ;) and listening to music
L I K E S: MUSIC, all of the above, being with friends, animals, boys ;) and going to the cinema
D I S L I K E S: Snobs, show offs, people who mimic, copy you, repeat saying something and make fun of you and sexism and racism and prejudice
O T H E R: Is insecure and broken on the inside, not many boys like me at all, was bullied, is alone a lot, hates my family and past

sitting at a table
(Open to anyone!)


Brie is at a competition with her horse but recently she hasn't been winning. Ever since she couldn't find her boyfriend her life had slowly been falling apart. She finished the competition and she didnt win. Brie was about to walk away when...

I walk around town in a great mood. Im carrying my trumpet case and a folder of sheet music with me and I was planning to get coffee. When some bumps in to me and it all falls...

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For Toby
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Name: Toby James
Age: 17
Gender: Boy
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Handsome (look at pics)
Personality: Nice, popular, nerdy on the inside, smartass, badass, sarcastic, jokey, attractive
Likes: Girls (Miranda), traveling, telling jokes, being popular, making girls smile e.c.t
Dislikes: Clingy annoying girls (desperate), bullies, liars, cheaters
Skills: Street Dance, graffiti, smart, plays the drums
Bio: I'm still In high school but it's the last year but I already have my own penthouse coz parents are rich but they are divorced but they still spoil me. He's stressed on the inside but he cools it out with jokes. I throw a lot of big parties

{OPEN and Brie}

*I'm siting in my horse's stall crying as it nuzzles me but I just continue crying I don't notice anyone there when you walk in*
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