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I'd like to do a final survey before writing a reflection on OOE please help me with the questions.

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Worth watching on building online communities: Rhizo14 success.

P2PU Talks: Dave Cormier on How to Build Learning Communities

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+Brendan Murphy +janet webster  et. al.
Are we incorporating this into a live-event? (like one of the Wednesday night guest-speaker or twitter sessions or something)...

I'm just wondering if we might get more activity if we incorporate this into one of those sessions? ... But then again, maybe not... The momentum does seem to have slowed down a bit... I'm just curious to see how this all pans out...

I've been swamped with marking papers, and am not going to be able to do another session next week on openness. However, the person I was going to do it with offered to do a video that we could share and then talk about on Twitter or blogs or something. It won't be done until May, and it'll be about some downsides of openness, so it won't quite fit the May theme, but it could provoke some interesting conversations, I think!

Here are some thoughts on Twitter chat questions for Wednesday evening. Any other suggestions?

1. Have you used any open educational resources (OER) in teaching/learning? If so, which and how have you used them?

2. Where, in your experience, is a good place (or places) to find OER?

3. Have you created any OER yourself? If so, what, and where have you posted them?

4. How might you convince a colleague to make their teaching resources open for others to use?

I've got one other person who is willing to do a session, along with me too, on the benefits and drawbacks of openness. He's in the UK, and could do it sometime during the day on April 30 (maybe April 29, not sure yet), which would be evening in the UK. I'm wondering if this would be desirable, and also if there's already something planned for that week, in which case two things might be too much. Please let me know!

Any thoughts on the continuity of OOE13? Modifications to format? Delivery? Planning group collaboration? Shorter term? Ideas?

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If you could review my presentation which I am giving to KPU's INstitute for INnovation and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (INSTL) this Wed., I would appreciate any comments, in particular a little help with slide #6 on our #OOE13 design principles. Thank you!!

I just remembered today to send out an email to our email subscribers for the second half of April, with Karen Fasimpaur's talk (this week!) and  the Twitter chat on April 23. I was out of time so just did it on Mail Chimp and sent. I hope it seems alright...I'm leaving town soon and just had to get it done. The only thing I really changed on the basic template is I took out the Facebook links b/c I don't think we have a Facebook page for OOE13. But if I'm wrong, sorry about taking that out!

I expect you'll all get this email, but if anyone doesn't and wants to know what's in it, let me know!

Does anyone have suggestions for questions for a Twitter chat tomorrow on openness and open learning? The presentation we had last week was fairly general, so I thought I'd keep the questions general too. We also talked a fair bit about Creative Commons licenses during the presentation, so maybe a question or two about those.

Here are some ideas I have--does anyone have other suggestions?

* What does open education or open learning mean to you?

*  In what ways do you participate in open education/open learning, and why?

* Do you use "open" resources in teaching and learning? If so, what and how?

* Do you use a CC license on any of the things you create? If so, which license and for what? Why?

* What are some barriers you see to teachers making their teaching materials open for reuse?

* What ethical or privacy concerns come up when thinking about open education or open learning?
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