One day ,I heard Mother Earth and Father Mars talking to one another.

Mother Earth: Uff ! These humans are being really mean to me! They are very bad. They pollute me ,cut trees,throw wastes here and there ......
Father Mars:How terrible they are!!
Mother Earth: Yes yes! Now as I heard, gradually you are also becoming a planet where life will exist.The humans will not spare you either!!

I woke up full of sweat. It was a dream!! But it was true.We humans are spoiling Mother Earth.But its not that late my friends!! Stop polluting Mother Earth and proove that we are not mean and bad!!

For all.....
Everyone enjoys nature in every single way .We take medicines,oil, gum even the clothes we wear mostly,cotton and woolen clothes etc.
But do we ever think about all the trees we have destroyed, all the animals we killed?
No,we do not. Almost all the people who will read these post will think that I ,Bhavana, don't do such things, I am just posting ,you may think. But really believe me, I do. So, let's think and care for nature . Plant a tree or two. Stop killing animals. This is a humble request from me.

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