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Can you please check out my level? Worked really hard.
Name: Gusher
By: TheFox231 (me)
Rated: 0* (Sugguested: 6*)
Difficulty: N/A (Sugguested: Harder)
Featured: nah
3 coins, medium
ID: 22169248 (69 hue)

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Sad MLG music plays...;-;

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How does massacre look so far?
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Could you play my OK level?  ID: 17656736

"Bass Warrior" by DashManiac


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I am starting a megacollab! Yuyz!
Thing to notice: it will be not only on this community only, but on other GD communities too.

So, i am starting a megacollab. The song will be Unarmed by dexarson (Ft. Emily). The style will be effect, the difficulty will be harder or insane.
You can request a spot by saying the place on the list you want, your GD username so i could see your levels and skype name so i could create a group for the megacollab.
1. +TheFoxDemonPlay [GD]  (me)
2. noone
3. noone
4. noone
5. noone
6. noone
7. noone
8. +TheFoxDemonPlay [GD]  (me)
If there will be not members enough, some of the members may take the empty spots.

Classical Dominator by Me
ID: 15506171

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How does this look for the start of an insane/demon level?  (I haven't really added decor yet).

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New level :) and first !! :)

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Hi, I'm new, this be me latest level.
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