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Hectic life demands everything in life and we miss those special offers/deals/discounts that were going around our place. Imagine what it would mean to you and your family if you could save money on your favourite products/services.

Watch More: (UK version) (US version)

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Hey guys! So this is a post I am making because I need VA's for a Minecraft Machinima series I am doing called, "The Untold Tales of: The Underground Reality". I will be consistently adding new roles as I write new episodes, but for now, in order to get the ball rolling for the pilot episode, I need a female VA. Make sure to read the description of my casting call to understand the requirements for this series, along with the basis of the story. Thank you!

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Asylum Black Hat X Listener Audio Drama (Open Roles)

So I am in need of more VAs of this audio drama I have been working on. I got for actors of this is filled. If you don’t know what villainous is, best to check it out.
Rules: I only want adult actors/actresses for this series. This is rated R in which why adults are only for this type of project.

Nurse 2 (Female only)

Black Hat
Dr. Oddman
Warden Ark
Dr. Flug

Here is what the quotes are and what should the characters sound like

Nurse 2: Here you go! Anything else doctor? -More of an older woman’s voice like strong and British

Mom: Honey, you can always change your job. You don’t have to work at that filthy place -Sweet and motherly

Dad: Why do you insist on helping a Psycho? You sound nuts even attempting this job! -More kingly But bring out his fatherly side, kindness

Message me if you want the roles.

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Hi there! I'm Josh Alexander. No hassle 26-year voiceover talent with same day turnaround. I've served brand-name clients like 4Ocean, Nutrisystem, E-Learning, Michelob, Microsoft, Wrangler, Enterprise, Cadillac, Deloitte, John Deere and more. Visit me online at Cheers!

Can anyone voice the following autobots/ decepticons for me? Let me know and leave your Email in comments.

Hot Shot
Hot Rod
Detour (female)
Sentinal Prime

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Any one wanna audition to be I'm my gacha studio series

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Here is a reel I threw together that showcases a lot of different voice styles that I've worked on over the past year. Feedback is welcome! :)

I am a young actor who is looking for more experience if there is anything you know i could do i would be grateful.

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I've been waiting a long time to announce that I'm part of this season's cast of Toadal Drama! I get to play the adorable Lemmy. :D
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