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February is Digital Learning Month! See how we're celebrating this month and share how you and your learners love digital learning using the #INeLearn hashtag! 

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Introducing the Future Ready Librarians Webinar Series! Join Future Ready Schools® (FRS) for a webinar that introduces viewers to the Future Ready Librarians (FRL) program and how savvy information and technology professionals can support FRS.

The FRL program makes a difference within schools and education by supporting and leading FRS’s goals through professional practice, programs, and spaces. In this webinar, panelists will highlight the key role the FRL program has in FRS; identify ten ways to be a Future Ready Librarian; and
share exciting 2017 webinar topics that will cover each gear in the FRS framework, and delve deeply into each from the lens of the librarian.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in this first Future Ready Librarians webinar to get involved and be part of this ongoing conversation.

For anyone experiencing difficulty accessing myON yesterday (Monday 1/2), I just talked to Derrick Barnes, our myON rep. He caught the problem late yesterday, and it is now back up and running. Thanks to all who alerted me to the problem. If you have further problems, please contact me at Enjoy myON through Feb 8. Whether our myON subscription will continue after that is up to our new Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Is the Myon subscription gone? I am assuming so, as it now says "subscription expired" when my students try to log in. This has been a great resource for our schools. Any ideas on how we can convince the DOE to continue to provide this resource to Indiana students?

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To wrap up 2016 and look ahead to 2017, share one online "gift" with colleagues in your #INeLearn Community of Practice. It could be a lesson, a resource, a blog post, or anything else you think might be helpful for a peer in your content area or grade level. You can share something you created or that you found and have used.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for an adapter to put an iPad on a tripod?

Does anyone have a school that is offering A+ Certification through CompTIA? We are considering offering a course at our high school through this organization.

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A few colleagues and I are planning a session for ICE and ILF and are hoping to gather some information from this group. The title of our session is "Tech Coaches and Media Specialists: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen or Two Peas in a Pod." If you can help, please complete the survey by the end of the day this Friday.

Anyone participating in the Global Read Aloud? I'll be using the Lauren Castillo series with grades K-3 and would love to make connections!

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