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★★★★★Dolphin Browser v11.5.9 Beta

Hi Guys,

Dolphin Browser v11.5.9 Beta is now ready!Please download and install the APK below and let us know what you think.

Change log on V.11.5.9 Beta
[Improved] Stability improvement on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) devices
[Fixed] Bug with Fillr Autofill add-on;
[Fixed] Bug with JavaScript on turning off status;
Other bug fixed

I was presented with an option to accept or cancel the jetpack or flash upon starting Dolphin and chose cancel. How can I enable the option I canceled?

I've been having a lot of issues with the latest dolphin crashing on my ZTE n817. I've sent the log to the devs through the app itself.

It is a rooted phone with TWRP recovery, bare bones + performance ROM (Android 4.44) from EquiMods (currently in alpha, 90% stable, )

I'm running as light as possible using Link2Sd to move most of the user apps to the Ext sd but not Dolphin after it began crashing I moved it back to int

I'm running Dolphin v12.0.2 . Jetpack is currently off, but it seems not to affect the issue.

I've also debloated the stock ROM freezing or deleting apps I know to be safe. Are there any specific system apps or dependencies I should look at? I had to uninstall 3c Toolbox for performance issues but will probably temporarily install it to look at error logs.

I was an early beta tester for Dolphin and I really like the performance vs Chrome on this model. This may be a good model for testing as it it the Q-link "Obama Phone" that thousands are getting now.

Thanks all

Steven Peterson (Equitube)
Aspiring Android Developer
Recovering Windows Expert

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Everything gud..but improve download manager ..and sometimes font not clear blurr type so plz improve it

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It s amazing app

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Why not update

Please Dolphin add back button support.
It's really annoying that when I long press my back key that I cannot see my tab history as well as browser history as in other browsers because Dolphin still refuses to allow us to remove the pop-up are you sure you want to exit. Rather than allowing a view of the tab history except through an add-on that you must go into the sidebar tap and choose rather than just long pressing the back button if you have device with menu support.

Hi guys
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