All this time Ive been in the main room all this time. So is this group just defunct?

Does anyone remember the list of "supplies" for the marshmellow activity?

Hi all,

After read the articles and see the videos, these are my questions/ reflexions. I don't have a clear answer for  any of these questions. Have you? 

Is expertise opposite to creativeness?
Is discipline necessary  in creative learning?
Is instruction an absolute requirement in some disciplines?

What do you think?

Similar to Joi Ito's experience, I wrote on my application to graduate school some years ago "My love of learning has persisted despite my formal education." #lcl-gears

Did anyone catch the name of the Twitter account that they are using for the course? I wanted to make sure I was following since it sounded like updates would be pushed out in that manner.

hello! My name is Debbie Deale and currently I work as a technology integration specialist in Burlington, Vermont. The school began a 1:1 ipad initiative which means we gave 285 14 yr olds an ipad in the beginning of the school year. Yes, it has been as adventuresome as it sounds!
I am excited to participate in this 'experiment' for multiple reasons, but mostly because I love to learn new methods for better supporting the learner.

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Have you all read the the "All I really need to know ..." article yet? It's terrific!

I used to be a college physics professor (oddly, I resigned shortly after earning tenure in order to do other things...) and some of the concepts that are described are very relevant to learning at that level too. I think imagination & play are vital before one really understands something for one's self... and that concepts can't really be transmitted but must be reconstructed in each individual. ...

I'm wondering... there's a lot there & I'm sure we'll hear more in tomorrow's lecture...

One unexpected tidbit jumped out at me. The article describes Froebel Gifts & I remember first hearing about them when reading Frank Lloyd Wright's autobiography. That's a good endorsement of the concept (in my book). 

Looking forward to getting started on this!

Hello! My introduction emails keep getting denied by the MIT server, so I'd like to introduce myself here.

My name is Adam and I live in Portland, Maine, USA. 

I am a serial social innovator. I currently run a nonprofit organization. In the past I have worked in food systems and the justice system. 

I am a lifelong learner, with a degree in education, so I signed up for this course out of curiosity. I also hope to use this course to bolster my attempts to infuse communities in Maine with creative thinking and problem solving. 

I look forward to learning with you all.


My name is Ashley King.... I am a full time mom and student. I also own a cake business with my husband. I'm looking forward to learning!
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