Name: Victor Stark
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Powers: Telekinesis
Weapons: My powers
Fandom: Marvel
Appearance: Brunette with burgundy streaks, brown eyes, red suit and tie

a new shapeshifter I came up with xD
Name: Lucy
Age: 20
She has: angel wings and shapeshifting powers
Favorite form?: a gray cat with blue eyes, herself
Likes: cosplaying, helping others
Dislikes: -youll find out later
Some facts;
1. Selfless
2. Will help anyone i mean anyone and everyone. Even if they are bad guys
3. She loves eating sushi
4. She loves bright colors sooo.. Invite her to help with a party.. Umm.. Let's just say, it'll be bright colors
Hair: Blonde hair
Outfit: bright colored pink shirt, light blue pants, pink and blue bow, white angel wings, and when she's off, she usually wears a pink and blue dress.
Hair style: Long wavy hair that is down
Eye color: blue eyes

Favorite songs;
1. Stressed Out
2. Blue Lips
3. Partner Of Crime
4. White Teeth Teens
5. Stitches
6. Mad World Tears For Fears
7. Lost Boy
8. Second Chance
i chose 8 for her favorite songs cuz of Death The Kid xD
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