./configure asks me for a password to crystal@crystalspace3d.org so it can upload _upload-msis-GCC_5.2_upload_CS-runtime-GCC_5.2.msi, which I am pretty sure is a mistake on the scripts part.  The log file tails a final warning and then a list of optional dependencies.

The warning:
config.status:1473: WARNING: failed to create makefile emulation layer

I would be happy to share the log file.  I am running ubuntu 15 on a x64 machine dual processor (Lenovo G??)  What else can I tell you...  Cannot build, no jam or make file to speak of

Hi! I would like to contribute to CS3D. I have built and  played with it for sometime. I know OpenGL and C++/Python. I have visited the issue tracker but couldn't understand where to start. I have also pinged in IRC. Can someone mentor me on how to get stated.
About me: http://raincrash.github.io/.
+Jorrit Tyberghein

After building from source,  and running walktest in the terminal,  I get the following errors:

crystalspace.system:  Error setting directory ‘parallaxtest’!
crystalspace.system:  Error initializing system!

It seems the a subdirectory in the maps directory is missing. What am I supposed to do. Please Help.

Hi, who is the owner of crystalspace.ru site?

What is the best way to may crystalspace maps? I noticed quark at one time was used, but I guess the new revision of crystalspace will not work? Is there any other aid programs that can used to help me utilize the crystalspace engine?

im using the msys console.
on typing "./configure"  i get 
"sh: ./configure: no such file or directory"
can you please help me to get around it?

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Crystal Space has again been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2014!

If I compiled CS using VStudio, is it mandatory that I use VSudio only?
What if I want to change to codeblocks or something?

Would I have to recompile it using mingw ?

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