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kuunys 12 strings electric guitar

Body: Italian olive tree, maple tree, american cherry.
Fingerboard Black HPL 24 frets, brass nut.
Tuning machines: Sperzel.
Neck pickup: Seymour duncan P-Rails
Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan JB - JR
Bridge piezo saddle pickup
Bridge 12 individual adjustable saddles
Artec MB1 preamp
1 stereo blend (magnetics and piezo)
1 stereo magnetics pickup
1 stereo piezo pickup
1 Blender Pot (neck and bridge pickups)
1 black 3 way switch P-Rails split (P90-strat-both)
1 3 way switch magnetics-piezo-both
1 3 way switch piezo phase
1 tone 1 volume magnetics pickups
1 tone 1 volume piezo pickup
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Kuunys five strings bass, 19 mm strings spacing, Seymour Duncan NYC passive pickups, double action truss rod, Hipshot - Schaller machine head. Body front plated 1 cm thick Italian Olive tree, body back Maple tree, Neck and fingerboard 24 frets Maple tree.
Kuunys Five Strings bass
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kuunys Guitar
Body, neck, fingerboard Maple tree
Machine head: Black Sperzel
Bridge: Tune-o matic
Bridge pickup: Bill Lawrence XL 500
Neck pickup: Seymour Duncan APH1N
Controls: 2 volume push-pull single coil-hombucker, 2 tone, 3 positions switch
Fingerboard: Maple tree 24 frets
Dots: Green abalone
Kuunys Guitar
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Kuunys Fretless Bass
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Kuunys 4 strings fretless bass
Body, neck: Maple tree - Top Italian Olive tree
Machine head: Chrome Schaller
Bridge pickup: Bartolini BC4C-T Humbucker
Controls: 1 volume push pull single coil / humbucker, 1 tone
Fingerboard: Black synthetic
24 frets 19 mm spacing
Kuunys four strings bass
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