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If nothing is getting posted here, why do we even have this tab

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This game is really a great breathe of fresh air with telltale, when i saw telltale was going to do this, i was kinda worried that it will have the gameplay style of their other games, but fortunately it has the same minecraft gameplay, wich puts me in ease, i´m going to buy this game and i might even like it, but i oviously won´t like it as much as the original minecraft

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Good news for Lego! I am very late on this but risingsun11801 has a list of upcoming 2016 sets of legos and more! Various lego are set appear in 2016.

Information i got from this video:

Hi peps im new
wot r we doin'n

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Ghostbusters just got revealed for Lego Dimensions!

Here's a look at the figs:

And the trailer shown at Gamescom:

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hey, its friday tho

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Well I just left every community that had to do with arf. and to be honest, it hurt. I'm serious, I've got an emotional pain right now. but I guess I just have to forget. Brian's world should cheer me up. this place doesn't look like it'll get raided anytime soon.

Good News for Lego Dimensions! 

According to person i just watched just2good he said that this guy says that Lego Star wars will have Lego Dimension sets in 2016 or 2017. just2good says that he has been 100 percent right in the past so who knows 

Link to discussion:

Link to Youtube video:

Link to know when the Star Wars license expires:
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