Hello everyone! The Kotori Tribe will be now taking place on Discord! An app/program where you will be having chat rooms and voice channels to meet others! I hope everyone can be able to join ^^ Message me if you are interested into getting the link!

Hey guys! Haven't been on this for a while due to many busy activities, but since school is out, I will be on more often ^^ The pack does have Instagram, Kik, and Amino. If want to know more, message me!

And the pack still accepts new member and have upcoming contests and activities too! If want to chat, you can contact me here

Kik - Wolfgirl265
Wattpad - WildSpirit345
Instagram - @delicate.spirit

Saluations, I am Avary (Canine form name, Artune) and I have been apart of the therian community since I was 6. Yes 6. I am a solid black female wolf with a face splashed with white (see my profile picture) I have a rather thin frame and long agile legs (I'm built mostly for agility, but I've proven to be a decent fighter.) I am currently looking for other therians in the Las Vegas area. (I am 13)

Hi guys.
I know I haven't been on google+ in many months, so I'm going to leave all the groups I've been in. I'm never on, I have too much school work, and I don't usually have a lot of time to be here.
Bye guys

Hi everyone I'm a dragonkin and I had my awakening not to long ago so still new to this.

Hi everybody
I haven't been on here for a few months.
Life is too stressful and busy as heck.
So I probably won't be on here at all anymore, or a few rare times I'll be on here during vacations.

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Hey guys c: The Shadow Hearts name has been changed to the Kotori Tribe c: and I hope that everyone will have a better day today and tomorrow. The pack is still accepting members 💕

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Love is sometimes to ever problem

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If members have kik or Instagram, please comment below for new updates

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Far or near, we are a family. And our main goal is to stay together
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