Been out of the loop waaaaaaay too long. Life caught up with me and put me in a headlock. Did we ever decide on the new shirts?

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Quick reference guide for soldering iron's tips:

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I'm feeling the need to get back into some competitive gaming. 

Anyone down for MvC2, 3 or Skullgirls on PS3?

How about Skullgirls or Divekick on PC?

Anyone have an extra copy of SF4: AE for PS3 or Steam on 'em? I'd love you if you did! Never got into it but should probably broaden my horizons.

I'm ready to throwdown and learn :)

Working on reballing a PS3. Any recommendations about heatgun removal of the cpu/gpu?

(like approximate time for heat application for appropriate melting of solder to remove chips, random hints you've come across etc)

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Change the Like tag to sriracha.
As its a greasemonkey script it only effects your own screen, but still because tech talk

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Once again, it is time for the SRK Team Tech Talk awards.

Buddy picked up a cab. Possibly looking to Mame it up.

What's the best 2 player USB board option? Cheapest? Would two PS2 controller boards plugged into a PS2 to USB adapter have any latency?

Thanks :)

What's you fine people's Xbox live gamer tags if you have one? Mine is TRiXWoN. Since you can just follow people now I don't see harm in sharing even if you don't want a friend request.

Got a 360 Slim with a malfunctioning Sync button. Works fine when directly pressed, on the RF Module itself, but the face plate button isn't pressing it.

Any thoughts?
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