Anyone else wanna plow Raven's ass or just me?

Shade .... ... ..... ...

Me yeah luts go down town I hear that they have good pizza

Shade ....

Shade walks down to a pizza place in jumpcity looking for at Target we never talk because if are words came out boom everything goes down but he made a part of him live out side his body that one could talk a storm we we're heading to open area to lut shade speak when Slade appeared we didn't want to fight luckly u appear and u


is there a profile template or somethin I need ta fill out?

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Name shade hero name ghost

Power can disappear fly super strong and heals fast

Weakness water and light

Age 16

Bio: I was 5 when my dad mad a machine able to change DNA I was playing and throw my toy at it and the beam hit me making me turn sixteen and sending me in to the shadow zone there I turned in to ghost I learned how to go through both worlds and fight bad guys for fun but I promise never to talk or darkness would be put on the one I talked to

Male and straight.

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Quote: love is one with darkness
name: bloodshadow
Real name:Bubba
Hometown: New Orleans
Family: none
Powers: darkness and blood
Bio: grew up on the streets in New Orleans until he was tired of fighting for in the arenas when he left and traveled to jump city where he meet the girl that made him feel something he has never felt before he meet Raven


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Light brown hair
Amber eyes
6 foot
Black gloves
Blue jeans
Shirt with a small jacket on, unzipped
Age 16
Caries a katana but sometimes puts it in a cane to hide it

Powers - overall fire
Embers - shoots out a berage of fire balls from around him
Flamethrower from hands
Fire wall - can create a ball or wall of fire to trap someone in

Transformation forms
Basic form- Can make a copie of himself to fight along his side- used by dropping a piece of his hair in the air and catching it on fire

Bio - Damien was at the yong age of 9 when his house burned down killing his family but not him for he was saved. Later he finds that he had the ability to control and manipulate fire

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Hello ppl in the DC universe Dire"the half demon" Wolfe here just wanna say can rp any type u want and glad to be here
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Name: Physica
Superpower: Spawning Weapons

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Name: Shyla Warrior 
Age: 16
Gender: Female 
Species: Sure rare Neko 
Powers: Can scratch like a cat, can turn into a cat or human whenever, when she presses on her necklace she transforms into what is in the picture down below and powers in her hands she can teleport, open doors by blasting them, can also have people teleport with her by holding there hand but only one. 
Likes: Music, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Playing Video Games, Ice cream, cookies, sugary things, necklaces, the color black or dark colors, nice people, writing songs, being alone.
Dislikes: Mean people, being hurt, seeing the ones she loves hurt, annoying songs or annoying rap songs, annoying little kids, neko dogs or dogs, people scaring her, people bugging her when she wants her alone time, people judging her for who she is, being weak or useless.
Fears/phobia: Spiders, needles and being alone forever. 
Family: never knew her family they left her when she was a kit so she learned how to be alone and got used to it but doesn't want to be alone forever she gets lonely. 
Relationship status: Single 
Bio: lived in the forest all her life by Jump City and learned how to hunt on her own and lived and fought with other neko's she was alone all her life people hated her for who she is so when she goes to Jump City out of the forest she turns human to hid the fact that she's a neko.
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