Setting up "China 0 KM" 设立中国零公里平台


我们正在建立“中国0 KM”平台。 有意与7个潜在工业领域的制造商,投资公司,研发机构/大学,ICT / IT公司,培训机构携手合作。


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Our #WebMethods #online #training provides both service-oriented architecture (#SOA) and business process management (#BPM) concepts in-depth with real-time scenarios and projects. Contact us to schedule a Free DEMO for you..!

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call: 9502434001(WhatsApp)

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Hi All

I'm looking for new opportunities in US as ARIS Admin, ARIS script developer, but can do modeling too.
Here is my LinkedIn profile:

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AAFMAA is hosting the 2015 Eastern Region user group meeting at their Reston office on September 24 from 8.30am - 4.30pm.
Share ideas with and gain insights from your contemporaries in the Metro area. Hear how Software AG can help you rise to the challenge of driving your business forward on the shoulders of Technology and Innovation. 

Agenda Highlights 
- Mobile Modernization with Software AG and AAFMAA 
- Adabas and Natural Customer Presentations 
- webMethods Roadmap and Updates 
- ARIS Updates 
- Alfabet IT Portfolio Management and EA 

To register, click here: 

Anybody has information about the APAMA Software?

Hiring WebMethods Architect Location- NJ Duration- FT / Permanent Interested consultant can send your resume to

As soon as our webMethods upgrade project completes, a new version is generally available. We are now two versions behind latest. SAG says new release every six months. Besides job security, what's your opinion on these frequent releases?

Completed webMethods upgrade from 7.1.2 to 8.2.2.  Here are some lessons learned.  Keep in mind we have a very basic use of MWS in 7.1.2 limited to managing the broker.  Also, we use TN Console instead of MWS.

We have these components:
- Integration Server
- MyWebmethodsServer
- Broker

1.  We did not convert to 7.1.3.  We created the databases required for clustering and MWS from scratch.  We did make a copy of our TN 7.1.2 database schema.  We used DB Configurator to convert TN from 7.1.2 to 7.1.3 prior to webMethods 8.2.2 conversion.

2.  SoftwareAG Update Manager was installed on a shared directory.   This worked fine until we had an issue.  We installed Core Fix 10 for a problem that we later found to be fixed with an extended setting.  We decided to stay with Core Fix 8 to keep installations identical.  Subsequent runs of SUM refused to install Core Fix 8 (over with -overinstall true specified) because it saw Core Fix 10 was already there.  SUM logged Core Fix 10 somewhere in the common directory.  We got around this by installing SUM on this particular server and did not use the shared directory.

3.  Because we created our clustering database from scratch, we had to reconfigure all the scheduled tasks.

4.  Support doesn't care about TN Console because its deprecated.  We had an issue viewing TN documents in both console and MWS.  It was fixed with this extended setting: watt.server.SOAP.encodeXSIType=false.   It was imported as true from our 7.1.2 installation.  TN Console still cannot view docs, so we're an MWS shop now.

5.  http  calls into Integration Server flow services resulted in ugly html responses.  Fixed by watt.core.template.enableFilterHtml=false.

6. Integration Server invoke by ASP using http post was not receiving its two string parameters.  The flow had to be rewritten to use a new parm: contentStream of type object.  It needs converted to a string uing  This string will be encoded, so it will need decoded.  We used pub.string.URLDecode.

7.  Terracotta clustering is not supported on HP/UX.

8.  We had to upgrade HP/UX for the installation requirements.  That took longer than the webMethods upgrade!

Really, those were the only gotchas that we experienced so far! 

Can anyone tell me if they know anything about Designer running on linux any time soon?
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