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Hi everyone! We just hit 100 members! Isn't that amazing! A round of applause please, our Google Plus community looks pretty cozy to me!

So let's play a game of sorts. Write down three sentences about yourself below. Next person to comment should write something like "Hey Kanra! Nice to meet you, I'm insertnamehere and" then write three sentences about yourself!

Let's get to know each other a little better :) I'll start first in the comments below!

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I'm back after a while away! My music taste has changed a bit, but do you still enjoy the songs I like?
Lifestyle | My July Playlist
Hey Lovelies!, It's been a minute since I last posted. I've missed blogging and I'm happy to be back again after 8 months. Exams are finally over and I decided to start again with a playlist post! I think that my taste in music has changed slightly as I've ...

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Back again :) , with a chilled but funny post on the things I've learnt since getting a job #newblogpost #blogger #teenager #working 

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hello! anyone remember me?!?!

I wrote the blog 'ezzlepops' but just stopped as so much of my life changed.

for those of you who remember me...undecided whether to start writing again or whether it'll just go downhill again ;P
if you dont remember me or are new since i stopped writing, what do you think?

Esmee x

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So I am back to writing! After about a year off, I'm back. I miss it so much. I guess now its going to be interesting now because there are going to be new elements in my blog now! :) GLAD TO BE BACK!! CHECK MY NEW POST GUYS! :) 

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