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Battles Rules

1.Try to list every feat and backstory that a character has including in the fights before making them. And making in deep details. This for the battles.

2.NO flamewars at all! That includes stupid posts like"I'm going to pretend to be a Sonic fanboy and debate with you guys" no none of that. No debating with each other either. I'm trying to make things peaceful here. 3 Warnings b4 getting banned.

3.You must show why the character you chose wins, in deep details. I don't like half-assed fights and reasons why a character wins or loses.  Otherwise, I'll simply remove the post no banning from breaking this rule though.

4.Always show the real feats and backgrounds of both characters in the fights.In conjunction to the 3rd rule. No wanking, fanboying, always show evidence of said feats and backgrounds, ect.  

5.Don't say irrelevant stuff like" this character stomps" or "I just wanted to see how the fanboys reacted" ect.  3 Warnings b4 getting banned.

6.Please make match-ups that make sense and state your reasons how the 2 characters have things in common.   Fail to do so the post will get removed, no banning though.

7..Don't use resources that aren't reliable like wikis. Unless there's good and correct info in them.

8. Do the proper research with deep details and clarifying the 3rd rule, that goes to other people fights.  

9. You can create OCs and make them fight other OCs and/or already existing characters. Please don't let this get out of hand and don't steal other people OCs.

10. Have a nice time doing these battles, try following these rules as well please.

Note: If you don't want to follow these rules, then that's k with me cause I will still follow them. Please try cooparet with a follow these rules though even if their not obligatory.*

Have fun and be nice :D. Do not unpin this please.

That's all for now...
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Sigh, why does Undercrap stuff keeps appearing in my Subscription Box? And with Steven Universe to boot. Anyway Inb4 Sean starts crying again.

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Here's an interesting idea: What kind of opponent would be great for Ainz? He's another character I wanna debate.

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Is a Sentai fusing with his waifu considered a feat?

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Senpai Mario.
"OH FUDGE MONKEY!!!!" - 2011.

Abilities: Infinite hunger, Sm4sh skills, Hurricane manipulation, walking Mario Bro encyclopedia, RAGE mode.

Attack Potency: Wall Level(Punched a hole in the wall after losing several Halo Matches in a row.) City level(Called Category 4 Hurricane Florence a B**, causing it to lower down into a Category 2.)

Striking Strength: Human level(Punched a hole in the wall.) City level (Words was just enough to weaken hurricane Florence.)

Durability: Human level.

Intellect: BIG BOI BRAIN.(Watches rick and Morty, Eats ramen noodles, great at Zelda games, DOOM 2016 Fawless master, Level 81 in skyrim.)


Weaknesses:Lazy, Neglectful, Guns, Girls with knives, legos on the floor, broken game system.

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If you don't wanna play it because you're put off by the fanbase, well . . . get over yourself." " this is a masterpiece" This is the kind of behavior that makes me NOT wanna play it even more (even though I already had played the game on my old laptop 2 years ago and I regret it ever since). While yes, the fanbase does drives me away from the game that's not the only factor why I hate Undertale. It is a legitimately bad game and "you hate it cause of the fanbase" is just an excuse to defend this Tumblr the game that doesn't fly with me. And you can't say anything negative about the game even if it's constructive, otherwise most the Undertale fanboys will attack you. Not to mention they are one the most hypocritical fanboys out there.

Moving on why I hate Undertale:

1.For the most part the gameplay ain't unique. Shin Megami Tensei (gonna be mentioning SMT alot) did what Undertale does years ago and better. Same with Touhou.

2.The game deliberately punishes you for killing monsters and forces you through a boring slog. It also forces you to feel bad for said monsters but I didn't feel anything except more hatred towards the game. Something that SMT didn't do. This whole punishment/forceful narrative just comes off as whiny, sensitive Tumblr crap tbh.

3. The characters, the freaking characters. Either they annoy me or they make me cringe. There's nothing funny about sans nor Papyrus or the "humor" in general for that matter. They are rushed, as no there's little to no character development. They break the 4th wall for the sake of breaking it. And again the stupid, forceful narrative also affects these characters. Not to mention, as fictional characters debater myself, the amount of wank surrounding these characters just makes me hate them even more. There's one just one character that I like but more on that later.

4. The biggest gripe I have with this game and it's people associating it with Earthbound. I really don't see the comparisons besides Ness and Frisk having a freaking striped shirt. Undertale does not and I mean it does NOT capture that Earthbound whatsoever. I'm tired of the Undertale fanboys saying it does when it doesn't. What irritates me even more is that they unironically claim Undertale is the "official" Mother 4! WTF?! There's better games out there that fits the role of Mother 4 way more than Undercrap does! For example the fanmade Mother 4( which is being re-branded btw) and no, the project is not dead.

Here are some games that capture Earthbound/Mother series better:
Recent update for Mother 4
( )

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

Blue Omen Operation (although this is more Mario and Luigi-ish it's still a much better RPG than Undertale)

*And of course, my personal favorite out all of these: Knuckle Sandwich!

While the only one that actually released was Jimmy and The Pulsating Mass. I still recommend trying out the demos for both Blue Omen Operation and Knuckle Sandwich. And getting Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass atm since it's a great game.

*That's all for now...

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Only 3 things I cared about in this Direct, the rest was meh. Ahem.... LUIGI"S MANSION 3 HYPE!Everyone was right about Nintendo foreshadowing it in Simon's Reveal Trailer. He even has the plunger attack! I'm so happy they are listening to the fans! Isabelle being in Smash is pretty cool too and not an Echo Fighter! And finally they announce a new Animal Crossing, although it was just a teaser. Honorable Mention: Super Mario Party looks like it's going back to it's with and it does look like tons of fun. So what do you guys think?

Now y'all excuse me, I'm gonna be playing that new A Hat in Time DLC.

Getting back to work. Gonna start on Wario. I've never really played any Wario games so anything you guys got for me before I dive into it?

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Photoshop Flowey is nowhere near Multiversal nor does he have Immeasurable speeds whatsoever. Vs Battle Wiki completely downplayed Cthulhu, he's at the very least Complex Multiversal and Omnipresent. He stomps Undercrap in a matter of seconds easily! And clearly Sean doesn't know crap about Lovecraftian Lore or any other versions of Cthulhu for that matter.

"the undertale hate is stronger that the truth." You mean the truth that y'all are wanking Undercrap and are massively downplaying Cthulhu. Why do you Undertards always resort the "hate reeee" argument? Seriously! Do some damn research, stop riding Undertale's dick so much and know for a fact that your precious Tumblr the Game ain't as powerful as you make them out to be and lot of characters solo it (Cthulhu being one of said characters). BK is filled with clowns wankers/downplayers smh.

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